Different Features related to Windows 8 which are useful and then having an Administrative account

Last time I have talked about 1) Windows 8 desktop and 2) its Metro User-Interface system. This time I am going to talk about certain other features of Windows 8.

3) Searching inside the Windows 8

You may have thought that if there is no Start button in Windows 8 how could you access Windows 8 applications and other features and programs. You don’t have to worry; the thing is even simpler here. All you have to do is to follow the below-written procedure.

  • Move your cursor of the mouse to the right corner of the desktop.
  • You will see here a search button. Click on this button.
  • Clicking this button will open a new window consisting of many items arranged alphabetically.
  • You can select your desired application by looking around this window or you may get those by typing the characters. This is a very user-friendly feature.
  • You might also see the installed software, games, etc. on the right side of this window.
  • If you are willing to see your friend’s message, e-mails, or want to listen to music you could search here as well.

4) Security in Windows 8

You might have known a lot of things on Windows 8. But the most important thing is the Security system. This is the feature that makes your PC safe from the viruses as well as from unwanted use. So, here I am going to discuss the Security issue.

  • Windows 8 generally offered increased security than its previous version.
  • The new smart screens present in Windows 8 i.e. its apps and different programs not being digitally signed by its original user gave a warning and prevent the program from being run.
  • It is very easy in windows 8 now to keep track of your kid’s online-activity by seeing their activities on the internet. You can block certain websites by just having an account administration account. If you want to know more about administration account see at the last on the topic of More on Security system.
  • Windows 8 updates its existing features as soon as the new features come to the market.
  • Here windows defender replaces the Microsoft essentials which protect your computer more securely from any malware or different viruses.
  • Here, as the Bit locker is provided or it can be installed; it helps a lot in keeping your files and folders safe and secure. Once you open the Bit-locker, any file saved in that folder will be encrypted automatically.
  • This type of increased security system is also called a beefed-up version of existing security features.

More on security system in Windows 8

1)   Having an Administration Account.

You can search for family safety in the search bar of Windows 8 and then create a new account protected with a strong password. Now as you have an account, set certain features of it by yourself and then let it be gone to your kids.

  • In the activity reporting make Web filtering as Child friendly.
  • Make the time limits OFF.
  • Make the game restriction and the app restriction as ON.
  • Also, make the request as NO request so that children don’t know how they can access different things.

Next time I will discuss more on the different features of Windows 8. Up-till then BYE & ENJOY!!!

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