The features of Windows 8 which is commonly used and its importance in details

In this article, we will help you in knowing the features of windows 8 in the best possible way. This article is for the new user of Windows 8.

1)      Windows 8 Desktop

We all know that windows 8 are the extended version of Windows 7. So there must be a lot of changes. However, despite of all the changes being done, the Desktop remains the same. You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about the new Metro UI and how Windows 8 will run on tablets. However, in the case of PCs, you can use your computer normally while going to your desktop.

There are some changes being done in the Windows 8 desktop.

a)      There is no Start button here.

b)      If you press the windows button, it will lead to you the Metro UI. Note that Metro UI is the best way to use your apps

c)       You can also search or use the new Jump List. And you can still pin your favorite programs to the taskbar or create shortcuts on your desktop.

These few changes in the Windows might seem very simple to you but it has made the windows much sharper and square corners.  The color of the windows can now change automatically to match your images if you use rotating pictures for your background. These few features are quite noticeable when you are using Windows 8.

2)      The Metro UI of Windows 8

  • One of the best features of windows 8 nowadays is the METRO UI. It has made the workload very simple.  You can simply use it for different purposes. At first, as it has made different sections for pictures, music, video, it has become more user friendly. Again you can use this feature to store or arrange the Facebook images, videos, music, etc. The new Start screen is the replacement for the Start button on the desktop and on your keyboard. The tablet-friendly look is heavily inspired by Windows Phone, but it still works on a desktop PC.
  • The Metro user interface lets you easily see all of your downloaded and installed apps at a glance. Some of the apps, like Mail and Weather, display their information right in their tile. Everything can be rearranged, and some of the tiles can be made larger or smaller.
  • If you click on any of the Metro apps, it will take you right to a full-screen version, providing a very tablet like feel. The windows key here works as if it is the Home key button if you are done with your app just press the Windows key. If you click an app that’s not designed for the Metro user interface, you’re taken to the desktop and can use the program as normal.
  • One more important thing is here the listing is done in alphabetical order. There is another important part of it is that all the installed software is shown right at the METRO UI. It is working so well that you might even forget about the Start button.
  • You can also search your mail, music collection, the Windows Store (either of your Pc or your online account like Facebook, Gmail etc.) and more from the same screen.

So, this is it. In the next article, we will show how to do the above program. Up till then, BYE. ENJOY!!

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