Disconnect.Me: Extension to stop Third Party Data Tracking

Advent of Internet has manufactured limitless possibility around us. Humanity all across globe has been utterly benefited since arrival of Internet. One thing which gone either end of apotheosis is ‘Internet could not keep privacy matter intact of any individual’. People using Internet believes that they are smart enough to use Don’t Track at the point of time.

But their assumption tone down after knowing someone is behind to steal their all important personal data. Such deceitful act could be done through websites like Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and many others. These websites gather sensitive data of users and after then sold it to interested third party company. To evade evil of stealing sensitive data, you need to switch such application, which gives freedom from such mischievous act. No doubt ‘Disconnect Me’ application is developed to deal with such issue and next para would derive inherent feature of above application.

It ‘Disconnect Me’ is  an online extension, which are made to fit for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari web browsers. The application allows users to encrypt their network with result of that you could feel private browsing experience. It stops 3rd party website to track you while using Internet anytime. It provides full protection to unwanted access of your data that is beamed to and fro by  your WiFi devices.

As far as concern to use ‘Disconnect Me’ application on to web browser, you are required to install this extension by the help of below web link. Once you install ‘Disconnect.Me’ app, you will see an icon appears in browser toolbar. After clicking icon you may see requests made for stopping 3rd party websites. If you which to allow these websites to track you for some reason just click on unblock it.

Download Disconnect.Me  (extension)

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