How to reduce Video Size before Uploading to Web

While capturing images or recording videos you depend on finest available devices. Nowadays capturing moments in high definition becomes custom. Certainly, it is good move to keep olden memory alive. But when act of uploading appears, you can hardly have better idea to upload larger images files or videos on Web. Reason why larger files take longer time as well as consume more Bandwidth. And no one is ready to bear dual hitch. In scenarios like this ‘Reducing size of Images or Videos‘ is the best available option. However, there are plenty of applications avail to claim  ‘Reducing Video Size‘ at desired level. But ‘Windows Movie Maker‘ is the best of them on many front. The particular article throws light to ‘Reduce Video Size Using Windows Movie Maker‘.

If latest ‘Windows Movie Maker’ application is not installed in system install it. As you know Windows Movie Maker application comes with Windows Live Essential programs, which can be downloaded easily from here.

Download Windows Movie Maker

After installing Windows Movie Maker application you should take these successive steps.

  • Launch Windows Movie Maker application and hit on Import Video option and choose video which you want to compress. 
  • Now, add video effects if you like. Then click on File menu and prefer Export option. 
  • Manually set output parameter as 320*240 for fine Web uploads. 
  • Finally, press save video to reduce video size at considerable level. 
Note: Windows movie maker gives numerous preset video profile which compatible to upload on YouTube, Emails, etc. Windows Movie application offers a determined amount of handiness to upload larger videos on Web. At this time memorize original quality could not be sustained after reducing size of videos file. 

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