Does Google Autocomplete Reveals Keywords?

Autocomplete is the feature which is included in the Google search. The feature allows you to type a few letters and it shows all the preferences. The preferences are usually very near to what you may be searching. For example, when you are searching for Kolkata and start typing “kol”, various searches as Kolkata, Kolkata police, Kolkata weather, Kolkata municipal corporation are shown.

google autocomplete
Advantages of Autocomplete: It has various advantages:

  1. Ease the fingers: The algorithm predicts the search terms you are about to type. So, typing “calc” will show you Calcutta university. This is easier and faster than typing.
  2. Avoiding mistakes: If you make a spelling mistake while typing words, the algorithm predicts it and corrects it. This leads to a better search. For example, if you type “dilhi” it will show delhi.
  3. Searches can be repeated: The data sent by a user is usually protected by the Google’s privacy policy. You have to sign into Google account and your web history should be enabled. This will help Google to understand the type of searches you are making regularly. And the google will even show you the preferences before you type complete words based on your previous searches.
  4. Other useful features: There are many features which help in Search. When you type “weather in”, this will show weather in delhi, weather in Kolkata, weather in Chennai and others. This also applies to all the trains, flights and other vehicles.
  5. Used in SEO of a website: Google Autocomplete reveals most searchable keywords by providing suggestions. These suggestions and Google Trends are greatly being used in keyword research for blogging. Even this feature helps Google to know content of a website.

The working of Autocomplete: The contents of the webpages are indexed and crawled by the Search bots. These then display the searches based on the preferences. When you have an account in Google and you enable the web history, this will even index the information from your past searches and help you show the preferences. Even the Google+ profiles also appear. The concept is very simple, the searches which are shown have either been made earlier or are contained in the internet.

The Google searches are very unique. It may show all the results of the words typed individually in the drop down box. Or the combination of the words you made, if they are contained on the web, will also be shown in the drop down box. The preferences shown may have been typed earlier or is contained in the web. There are various algorithmic factors which determine the predicted search queries.

Personalizing the predictions: The autocomplete can also be personalized based on the preferences.

  • You can remove the Web history from the Google account.
  • You can remove particular searches from the web history.
  • On signing in, you can turn off the search preferences. The predictions are made based on the information linked to the cookies saved on the computer. These can be deleted and the search preferences will also not be shown.

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