How to Download, Install, Update WiFi Driver in Windows 10

To make sure that wireless network is operable in your system we will discuss the method(s) to Install WiFi Driver in Windows 10. Though utmost care is taken to involve the latest versions of drivers for all the major Wi-Fi adapters, a few network adapter updates are always left. So, you need to have extra care to properly Download, Install, furthermore update WiFi Driver in Windows 10 to avoid any connectivity issues.

Various manufacturers updates network adapter driver on regular basis. However, Windows 10 automatically receives the applications from the hardware companies through ‘create a hardware submission’ page and send you through Windows update. But sometimes the drivers creates issues and you require to either download, install or update them.

Ways to Download, Install, Update WiFi Driver in Windows 10

Here is How to Download, Install, Update WiFi Driver in Windows 10 –

Download WiFi Driver in Windows 10

In order to download WiFi driver in Windows 10, first and foremost, you need to visit the site of your PC manufacturer. You can do this by following these simple series of steps.

1. Access any web browser and visit your computer or wireless network adapter (if both are different) manufacturer’s official website.

2. Here, search for the model of your computer or wireless adapter (if you are on the wireless adapter’s webpage).

3. Now, move to your device’s support page or the driver download page. Locate the wireless adapter driver and download it on the computer.

Install WiFi Driver in Windows 10

After downloading it, the next step is to manually install WiFi driver in Windows 10. There are two methods, so follow the steps mentioned below.

Through Context Menu

Step-1: Open File Explorer by clicking its icon that occurs on the taskbar. Go to the folder where your WiFi driver’s executable file is downloaded (the default place is Downloads folder).

Step-2: Now, right click on this executable file of WiFi driver. A menu will pop up, click on Troubleshoot Compatibility as shown in the given screenshot.

Install WiFi Driver in Windows 10 Image 1

Step-3: On the following wizard, click on the option, Troubleshoot Program.

Install WiFi Driver in Windows 10 Image 2

Step-4: Now, if the WiFi driver was working in the earlier Windows OS, checkmark the box against the option – “The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now”. Click on Next.

Install WiFi Driver in Windows 10 Image 3

Step-5: If you are aware of the previous version of Windows OS the driver worked on, so click on the box ahead of that version. Click Next.

Step-6: Now, go through the on-screen guidelines to correctly Install WiFi Driver in Windows 10. Once the installation gets over, Restart Windows 10 PC and upon the startup, check the WiFi connectivity.

Device Manager

In the Cortana search box, type Device Manager. From the Best match results, click on Device Manager.

From the different categories, you need to locate and expand the category of Network adapters.

Now, right-click on the “WiFi adapter” and on the menu that shows up, choose Update driver. A wizard will open with two options, go ahead with “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Update WiFi Driver in Windows 10 Image 4

Click on Browse and choose the primary folder where you extracted the WiFi driver.

Click on OK.

Do not forget to click on the box before Include subfolders. This allows the wizard to identify the right .inf file.

Update WiFi Driver in Windows 10 Image 5

Click on Next.

You will be able to successfully Install WiFi Driver in Windows 10 once you are over with the above-mentioned steps. All you will have is a newer version of “WiFi driver” in your system. This will address problems, introduce new functions, or include support for Windows 10.

Update WiFi Driver in Windows 10

There are two simple procedures to update WiFi driver in Windows 10. The one is via “Windows Update” and another one is through “Device Manager”.

Through Windows Update

Open Windows Settings by jointly hitting Win + I hotkeys. From the main interface of the application, choose Update & security tab.

On the right pane of the following page, make a hit on the Check for updates button.

If the manufacturer of “wireless network adapter” installed in your computer has published new updates via “Windows Update Service”, the system will all by itself download as well as install that latest update.

Note: The only concern with this method is that the manufacturer can take time to make the update available via this channel. However, if the wireless network adapter is from Microsoft, it might reach early.

Via Device Manager

Another simple method to update WiFi driver in Windows 10 is through “Device Manager” and to do so walk through the given sequence of steps.

Make a right-click on the Start icon and from the Win+X menu, click Device Manager.

Now, locate and expand “Network adapters” on the subsequent window of the Device Manager.

Proceeding ahead, perform a right-click on the wireless network adapter present in your system.

In the pop-up menu, select the first option, Update driver.

Update WiFi Driver in Windows 10 Image 6

When a new window will show up, you need to select the option labeled “Search automatically for updated driver software”.

How to Download, Install, Update WiFi Driver in Windows 10 Image 7

After these steps, the newer version (if available) of the “WiFi driver” will automatically download moreover install (in a way similar to Windows Update).

That’s all!!!

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