Download Trackpad Settings App for Microsoft Surface

Whether you purchase a Microsoft Surface, it takes time to accustomed to built-in applications. Using Microsoft Surface, Trackpad requires optimization to be operated smoothly. Microsoft has developed Trackpad Setting app to resolve controlling Trackpad matter. You may download Microsoft supported Trackpad Setting app from link, which is placed on bottom of this article.

Microsoft Surface keyboards have Trackpad option to use as effective as Mouse. The Trackpad Setting App is developed to provide help on both Touch Cover and Type Cover condition. The Trackpad Setting app is kept in Windows Store. You may install this free to use app either from Windows Store or bestow link.

After installing Trackpad Setting App on your Microsoft Surface, it is evident in some cases that app does not detect keyboard functioning. When situation like this appears then you need to apply these settings.

  • At start screen type ‘Device‘ then go for Devices and Printers Settings.
  •  Now Tap Refresh button thrice (around circular arrow next to search box)
  • Then Trackpad Settings App allows you to toggle these 4 settings as (1) Trackpad On / Off  (2) Tap gestures On / Off  (3) Scrolling On / Off  (4) Flip Scrolling direction On / Off
  • Now enable Trackpad On option for detecting Trackpad Setting app.

Download Trackpad Settings App (Microsoft Surface)

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