5 Best Instagram Apps for Windows 8 /10

Instagram’s reputation has always been increasing side. Trends of popularity are gaining more pace after release of Android compatible applications. As you know ‘Instagram’ permits you to share strings of photos from iOS and Android devices. Though Instagram app does not exist on Windows 8, you have a much better alternative to access Instagram service on Windows 8. Now, I am putting the best Instagram apps for Windows 8.


TLVstagram app offers you a live colorful collection of photos from Instagram network. Images shown are well grouped in their respective tag. Using TLVstagram, you can not only view Instagram Photos but also share it with your friends. The app is available for Free to use purposes. It can be downloaded from the link below.

Download TLVstagram App (Windows 8 / Windows RT)


It is an Instagram client for Windows 8. MetroGram offers relatively nice and fast way to share your Photos with online friends and relatives. You may install MetroGram app on a Windows 8 optimized system from Windows Store. It is absolutely free to use app.

Download MetroGram App  (Windows 8 / Windows RT)


Instmetogram app is one of the best Instagram viewers. It permits you to stay updated with your Instagram account. The app becomes helpful while viewing, commenting and sharing Instagram Photos with others. You may install Instametrogram app on Windows 8 or Windows RT using the link below.

Download Instametrogram App (Windows 8 / Windows RT)


The Winstaview App is designed to browse all such images, Feeds etc from Instagram platform. While functioning it asks login with your Instagram account. You may install Winstaview free app, using the link below.

Download Winstaview App (Windows 8 / Windows RT)


It is an important Instagram viewer. Wingram offers the latest update from Instagram feeds during functioning. You do activities like viewing personal & popular feeds, viewing user profile, follower & followings and post messages with the help of Wingram app. It costs not heavily but $1.49 in your pocket.

Download WinGram App (Windows 8 / Windows RT)

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