dragdis – an Easy way to Save Web Content using Drag and Drop

dragdis is a web service that is used to save web content using drag and drop way. It is a fast way to share files on the internet. The dragdis service has been introduced in both modes like web interface and browser extensions. It facilitates you to save videos, images and text to your personal storage area through dragging & dropping them onto a sidebar.

How to use dragdis?

  • At first, sign in to dragdis service on your browser to install the browser extension. For this tips, I have chosen chrome browser and installed the extension.
  • Now, drag any image, video or opted a text to the right of the webpage and hold it for a little second until you will see to dragdis sidebar in right area.
dragdis service
  • Here, you will notice that the sidebar performs role similar to Windows 8’s Charms bar. The side bar works only at the right section of the webpage.
  • On the sidebar, you will find three images and three folders in your storage by default. Here, New Folder button is used to add more folders while Trash button is used to remove any items using dragging.
  • In addition, the extension helps you in dragging items from webpage and add them to any folder of your dragdis account.
  • While you sign in and access the dragdis service in your browser, it lets you to preview the saved items on the same webpage. In this page, you can share it to social sites using a single click as well as copy the direct link to share with any website or blog.

Visit dragdis official site

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