How to enable Telnet Program in Windows 8 / 10 Step by Step

As you know that Telnet is a network protocol that allows users to log on a remote computer of the same network. It is quite useful pre-installed Windows Program. Security measure plays important part to disable Telnet program in both Windows 7 & 8.

While it is essential to enable Telnet application, you are required to follow these steps.

Someone needs to enable Telnet application in their Windows 8 optimized systems that may follow either consecutive steps.  You have two options in hand for enabling Telnet application in Windows 8. Act of enabling Telnet in Windows 8 could be done in either way as System Command or Control Panel. Both ways to be shown simultaneously in particular article.

Enable Telnet application in Windows 8 (System Command)

As you all accustom to Graphical User Interface. Most of you have hardly compact idea about olden Command Line Interface. But, I recommend System Command application here to enable Telnet due to its sharp effectiveness. Just follow below consecutive steps and enable Telnet with less effort.

  • Open Run Dialog Box (Win + R) then after put command :

                 pkgmgr /iu:”TelnetClient 

  • and press Ok button.
  • The lone above step is enough to enable Telnet application in Window 8.
Enable Telnet (Control Panel)
It is one of the elegant ways to enable Telnet in Windows 8 interface. This way requires following steps.
windows 8 control panel image
  • Now tap on Window Features on or off. Apply tick mark against option of Telnet client and Telnet Server as well.
windows 8 on or off features image