How to Enhance, View, Search Photos with HTML5 in SkyDrive

SkyDrive is a file hosting service that enables sharing and synchronizing your files into a cloud storage so that you can use them whenever you want through other local devices and web browsers. It is integrated with the online services of Windows live. With its improved features it has become a better place to put and manage your data in an advanced way. This is the thing because of which people love the windows most. Using this they could access their account anywhere in the world and could transfer their important data in a few minutes. It’s like carrying a Pen-Drive in your Pocket without any fear of losing it.

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How to improve the Picture Capabilities

Previously SkyDrive was capable of letting users upload high quality RAW images. But with the latest  development in mobile camera technology showcased by Nokia Lumia 1020 which can take HD photos it is finding greater use in common occasions where people prefer taking snaps via mobile. SkyDrive now supports these high DPI display and so if the device screen supports it you get to see high resolution photos. It also supports animated gif files which originally it did not support and saved as gif that showed no animation.

How to manage your photos in this App

With All Photos View option you can now see your photos anywhere in your SkyDrive. Also you can see them in specific albums. All you have to do is to filter your snaps into the specific album in which you want to see them. Rotation feature in SkyDrive works quite well that often comes handy. For instance the below figure shows the orientation comes perfect in SkyDrive.

How to share your pictures or files with more Controls

Usually people like to have flexibility while they are sharing their files with family and friends. Keeping this in mind SkyDrive has made two important improvements regarding this issue. First the existing sharing control settings have been modified so that you can share your photos which you took every day. You can now organize them by date. Second the SkyDrive has introduced sharing individual group of your snaps from anywhere in SkyDrive. You can share it with different people In different files in a comfortable way. The new shared view keeps track of all the stuffs that you have shared and sort it according to your recent activity. One who has shared his stuff with you appear after this. You can select the photos by clicking on date heading and share them using the sharing command. You can also share these files via emails anywhere in SkyDrive.

How to edit Text files in Browser

SkyDrive has utilities to edit text files like JavaScript, HTML, CSS and many others. You can edit with syntax, word completion etc. and share your files. It is very convenient to use this feature.

Key Features of this App:

  1. It is very simple and easy to work in this app.
  2. There is feature of Advanced sharing.
  3. Pictures could be easily edited even without signing in anywhere in SkyDrive.
  4. Easy sorting and management of files.
  5. There is feature of advanced Text editing.

How to Access SkyDrive

SkyDrive is the main way using which you can host and share files online via Microsoft services and applications. You can have the access to this Cloud Service by just clicking on the link provided below.


SkyDrive is the best thing of Windows. It is one of the best cloud service available. It renders you to store, sync and share files with other people and devices across the web. This skydrive is also used by windows 8 for different synchronizing the different settings which are there in our PC and laptops. It provides you a lot of real and useful facilities. The main thing about this Service is that it keeps on improving itself so that it becomes an even better way to always have your files with you.

Downloading link : SkyDrive

Accessing the SkyDrive Account : SkyDrive Account

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