Follow Your Listening Passion Using iHeartRadio for Android, Windows 10, 8

iHeartRadio is a fantastic app for all those who enjoy their passion of listening songs on your mobile devices and increasing the utility of smartphones. With the development of music players and other compatible devices radio has been neglected by the majority of the people partially due to the limited accessibility or programming and also due to the non-availability of the apps related to it. This app comes for free and is available for both Windows 8 and Android.

It is thought of as a hybrid station that provides instant access to the unlimited amount of audio streaming going around the world. The best thing about it is that it works without any interruption and you can stick to it for hours while enjoying music. The interface is very intuitive and it guides you to the following steps in a simple manner. The features are not much sophisticated and can be easily familiarized once started. The grid look makes it easier for the users to easily browse and navigate through this app.

ihreartradio app

How does this App function

The basic look of this app is familiar and similar to the iTunes. It provides all the different genres of music such as rock, contemporary, jazz, country etc. categorized in a beautiful manner. If you are searching for your local station, you can look for it. There is an option of Talk Radio from where you can get audio feed from sports radio, News and Talk and Public Radios. You can use this feature while you are tuned into some other frequency.

Pandora like functionality is an interesting feature that it offers. To use this feature you simply have to select the Create tab ahead of the dashboard and use the search bar to find the song of your life by filtering with artists and genre. It contains a high list having so many songs and playlists that the fun gets doubled while listening to it and conventionally it AutoSaves the stations under MyStation tab near the main dashboard.

Although the songs cannot be chosen in a direct manner but the preferences can be set to get what you are looking for. You can skip through the songs using Thumbs up and Thumbs down button. If you are craving for new songs then you can use the Discovery tuner of this app to customize the search in order to get lesser-familiar music. You can set it to familiar, Unfamiliar and Mixed to get the playlist accordingly.

How to create your own station using this App

This is true that you are free to create your own radio stations using this app. All you have to do is to simply choose a song or an artist. After following few steps you will be able to shape your own commercial-free as well as Custom Station with free music from that artist you have chosen and similar ones. You can choose over 15 million songs from the catalog present here in the app. You can use Use iHeartRadio exclusive Discovery Tuner to control how much variety you want in your music. In thus way, you can have your own radio station playing your own desired music. Note that if you wish to take it anywhere you wish to, all you have to do is to login in this application and thus you can take it anywhere you wish to.


  1. A completely free app and very easy to use.
  2. It enables you to access as many as 1500 stations live streaming including the library of millions of songs.
  3. There are some stations which can be added through customization without any pop up ads.
  4. It is very extensive in streaming and buffering is not an issue in this app.
  5. You can mark the songs that you like for listening to it later.
  6. There is a sleep timer which can be used for efficiently switching off the app after a set period of time.


  1. The controls do not enable the user to pause the song.
  2. Again, the Repeat mode and Record mode are not added in this app.


iHeartRadio combines the Pandora and the Tunneln Radio Pro feature to give the best experience. It is an awesome application and very enjoyable. It delivers almost all the functions that are required for a fully functional music system in the online streaming world.

Downloading Link for Windows 8: iHeartRadio

Downloading Link for Android:  iHeartRadio

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