FaceWash: An application to clean Facebook Profile

An application known to ‘FaceWash’ has come out with claim to remove inferior contents from Facebook profile. If your Facebook profile has more and less unfair things that not suited your style of thinking; wanting to remove all these things automatically then ‘FaceWash’ application should be nice option. Now, I am about to explore key specification of FaceWash application.

As, I mentioned earlier that particular application lets users to clean up their Facebook profile from embarrassing and vulgar contents. The application comes with a full fledge offensive or alarming word list to meet with your social history to pick and remove. When it happens to use FaceWash application then you should go to homepage of this application.

  • Now click ‘Get started link’ to open pop up screen. Then click on ‘Go to App’
  • In next pop up screen click ‘Allow’ button to access your Facebook profile.
  • After then logged into FaceWash application. In the midway application ask to press ‘Start’ button to begin procedure of picking & removing vulgar things from Facebook profile. As per prior permission application scans all your posts, comments, photos, likes etc then after ask to remove vulgar contents on your Facebook profile page.

Indeed, keeping Facebook profile clean and tidy from inferior contents has been a tough act. Whenever you switch to FaceWash application, inferior things will not be available on Facebook profile page. You may download ‘FaceWash’ application on your system, using below link:

Download FaceWash (Facebook Application)

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