Fantasy Storm – iPhone and iPad app for Weather Forecast

Fantasy Storm is an application for both iPhone and iPad devices to predict weather / storm forecast. It is really fascinating application for iPhone and iPad devices. The application uses weather hub data from NOAA feeds to gather all details and data you need regarding weather condition. Live infrared satellite images and interactive maps helps user to predict the direction  and path of storm as well as weather condition.

Once a storm is named, users are sent a push notification to their iPhones or iPads. After interpreting notification with meteorologists or weather professionals or weather hobbyists act of prediction, as well as pining the path upon which the storm likely to travel, could be done successfully.

As thousands of weather predictions are made through different applications, but lesser number of predictions come near accurate result. Fantasy Storm application does most likely accurate weather prediction than other applications. The accuracy of Fantasy Storm improves weather forecast and makes itself more reliable apps as well. Probably millions of iPhone users all around the globe put their own variables and paths of hurricanes to make whole tracking hurricane more reliable and effective.

iPhone and iPad users can download Fantasy Storm application for their respective devices from below link: –

‘Download Fantasy Storm Apps’

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