Features of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Android 4.2 has excelled Android 4.1 in different areas like the speed and the simplicity. It also includes some new software like Photo-Sphere, new smoothly running keyboard and Camera app etc.

What’s new in Android 4.2, Jelly Bean:


  • It comes with a completely new camera app with some new and exciting tools to take photos.
  • Its focus is far better than the previous existing one.
  • If you are willing to see the taken photos without coming out of the camera app, you can simply swipe from the camera view-finder.
  • You can take photos off from 3600 and has wide-angle shots.
  • It has high Dynamic rate which helps you in seeing the more details in your shots by widening the exposure range.

2. Face Unlock:

  • It has now become more accurate and faster than the previous one.
  • It now takes a very few second to decide whether the person in-front is the right guy or not.
  • You can also improve the matching system by using hat, glasses etc.

3. Data usage:

  • You can stop the usage of data without changing the threshold of Data warning.
  • It detects itself whether it has been attached with some other Wi-Fi hosts and it disables or enables background data usage in SSID.

4. Accessibility:

  • While enabling “magnification gestures”, you can simply press or tap three times to open the full screen video.
  • Right from the Power-menu is attached a “TalkBack”à a screen-reader for android.
  • It also now offers full support for the braille accessibility.
  • With this new app, you can choose yourself to choose between paragraphs, lines, words or characters.

5. Browsing and Net-packing:

  • The Browser present in the Android 4.2 now supports the updated HTML5 Media Capture specification on input elements.
  • It has also increased its memory efficiency, CPU and the overall efficiency.

6. Audio-Accessories

  • The new features also support for USB audio docks.

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