Galaxy S4 Handy and Best Tips to make it The best Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S4 users can use some new tips and tricks to access it in a better mode. The Galaxy S4 has revealed many latest nifty features to make it one of the best Smartphone in present time. If you are the new user of a Samsung Galaxy S4 and have no guess where to start then you can check following helpful tips.

samsung galaxy s4

1. How to take a screen shot

Sometimes you wish to share your interesting or funny screen to friends or relatives. In this situation, the easiest ways to take a screen shot and share it over the internet is given further. This is fairly simple way on your Galaxy S4.

  • Press the power button located on the upper right corner of the S4 phone and the home button together.
  •  If you have done it suitably, you will notice the screen flash and a copy of the image shift into your image gallery automatically.

2. How to manage mobile data limit

If you like to confirm that you don’t go over your data limit on your Smartphone plan then Galaxy S4 allows you manage your data usage limit. After set data usage limitation, the Galaxy S4 will automatically turn off mobile data.

  • Launch your Settings and tap on Connections tab at the top side.
  • Next, look for Data usage option and tap on it.
  • Check the box of Set mobile data limit option. From there, you can drag the slider to set your data limit or select your data usage cycle dates.

3.  How to Hard reset your Galaxy S4

If you are encountering some painful issues then hard reset your Galaxy S4 is perfect and quick solution. Don’t hesitate this action is pretty simple.

  • At first, power off your Galaxy S4 phone.
  • Then press and hold the volume up, home and power buttons in combination until the S4 phone displays the Android logo with recovery screen. Release all three buttons immediately.
  • With the support of the volume down button, navigate to Wipe data/Factory reset option and press the power button.
  • Then select Yes — delete all data option and press the power button once more to precede the action.
  • As soon as the hard reset process ends, select power button to boot the phone in normal mode.

4. How to enable security based lock screen

You do multitasking jobs on your Smartphone in recent times. For example, email, surfing social networks sites. Then it is necessary to keep all of your valuable info secure from spy. The first way of defense is to enable a screen lock. In Galaxy S4, Samsung has given the two security option to lock the screen immediately.

To enable a screen lock on Galaxy S4,

  • Go Settings and tap on My Device at the top side.
  • Then tap on Lock screen option. From there, you can select a security pin or finger pattern to lock your phone screen.

5. How to install new apps on your Galaxy S4

In order to install freeware Android apps on the Samsung Galaxy S4, get started with the following points.

  • From the Galaxy S4 home screen, tap on Google Play Store app.
  • On the main Google Play Store screen, choose the Apps panel on the left side.
  • Here, for installing a new apps, you can either browse or make a search with support of the magnifying glass icon at the top right side of the screen.
  • Once you find a preferred free app, tap on Download option.
  • Then tap on Accept & Download option to allow the permissions for downloading the app.
  • Selected app will download without delay.
  • After downloading the app, it will install in the background itself and will be directly available for use on the home screen.

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