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Imagine a day without your mobile phone!! And now you know, what’s the role of your phone is in your daily life. What is your mobile phone for you? A bank of information, your contact book, personal diary, mp3 player, or many other things. But at the top it is the most personal element of your life. Many times you have found that you are not getting your phone, and your heart starts throbbing; and soon you find it from any nook or corner of your house. That first vision of your phone gives you immense happiness and pleasure.

Now just think of your phone being actually stolen or lost. How you feel? Shocked and perplexed, but no need to feel all this because technology is at your rescue. If you have lost an android phone, there are certain apps for your rescue.

Remember the apps needs to be pre installed on the android phones. So having done this, the next time if you are not getting your mobile phone, the first rescue team is the Where’s my Droid app.

The first thing that every one of us would do when we find our phone lost is take another phone and give a ring to our number. And in that condition if our phone is on silent mode and is in any spot of the house, the phone rings, but all in vain as it is not making any clue for us to find it. There’s a solution to it that is Where’s My Droid.

What does Where’s My Droid app does?

Where’s My Droid is an android app, that automatically changes your profile and sets your Ringer to loud. Once you send a message from another phone with the word “attention”. Your phone Ringer is set to maximum, so that you can hear the phone ringing.

Now if you didn’t get your phone even after doing this, the second thought goes that your mobile phone might be lost or actually stolen.

What can be done when your phone is stolen?

First of all you should report to the police about your phone been stolen and contact you with service provider for deactivating the SIM.  Then you should take help of the app Lookout Mobile Security.

What is Lookout Mobile Security?

The new app from android has all capabilities of tracking mobile phone in any part of the world. Lookout mobile security can trace your phone, and it can provide the correct location of you phone.  For this you need to install and register to the app using free mail account. This app uses two modes of security for mobile.  First is a GPS locator that locates the phone exactly and the second is the alarm buzzing. This app can be turned on using another mobile or a computer.  The GPS locations would be sent to the e-mail address provided by you and the time of registration. Moreover the app can help you to find your phone even if you have not pre installed the app, this is called Plan B. in this you can access the phone using a computer.

Download Where’s my droid App

This is all about saving your android. The app can be downloaded from the android market.

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