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RESEARCH TO KNOW THE COMPETITORS WELL IN SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – Every business venture requires a lot of research on how to start it and how to go on continuing it. And to keep that business at the top, it should be done differently to stand out in the crowd. And in Internet marketing and SEO, it requires a lot of research. Starting a website is not a matter, but rather running it smoothly to remain at the top is easier said than done. In the field of Internet marketing remaining at the top requires two main ways: one is to use the best SEO strategies, and the other is to know how the competitors are working to work better than them. An SEO practitioner always tries to research well about his competitors to get the best links they are getting. Some of the tips in this regard are as follows:

  • The competitors should be known well: The biggest mistake with the Internet based website owners is that they are not able to understand who the real competitors are. For example, if there is sports news providing site which is run by a person names X. now X also provides the same news which the sports websites like ESPN or Ten sports provide. And he thinks them to be his competitors and tries to apply the same strategies as them and fails. It is better to include many keywords within the article. So there are thousands of websites which provide same deals as X, and there are certain biggies which cannot be said as the competitors of X. The real competitors of X are the sites similar to his which target the same keywords as he does to get recognized by the web crawlers. There are special tools and software to know the real competitors.
  • Research to be made on the competitors: After knowing the real competitors from the last step, it is now time to research on how they work. There link-building activities should be properly scrutinized. The individual links as well as the high quality domains linking to them should be carefully checked. There are specialized software for this purpose. There anchor texts should be checked. It should be researched well that are the competitors really working hard to get quality links or are they getting good quality links from other websites pointing towards them. And lastly, it should be seen that what are the types of the sites which the competitors are building their links to. Are the links bookmark links, directory links, comment links or are they from some reviews, news portals, blogs or others? And now it should be decided whether the same links would work for the site or not.
  • Research on what works better:┬áIt should be completely understood that which are the link building strategies best suitable for the website. The work can be made simpler if they are listed out in terms of contents, listings, media, profiles and others. And among these all, it should be chosen that whether the chosen method is applicable or not. Whether it was valuable for the competitors and whether it is valuable for the own site.
  • Presence of a strong existence: Sometimes the activities of the best websites are completely replicated creating the copy of the websites. The imposter copies every move, copies the links designs, ads and others. So, it is now when a strong existence should be created by making the backlink profile very strong that it really becomes difficult to replicate them. The strategy is to create good partnerships and offline relationships which prove best for the online. This will then be utilized in getting the links which are appropriate for a particular site and would be very difficult to replicate.

Hope, these tips prove helpful to you.

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