How to Find Your Parked Car Via Android or iPhone

You often park your car in an airport, shopping mall campus, office campus or public places. But you feel doubt due to security related reasons. If your car is parked on unknown spot for long time then there are a lot of serious feelings create in mind occasionally.

Don’t confuse, because a solution is available in order to find out status minute by minute about parked car through Smartphone or iPhone app. This app is known “Park Me Right – Car Locator” that can assist you to track and get back to your car.

Download Park Me Right for Android devices

Download Find My Car app for iPhone version

Features of Park Me Right: Car Locator app –

  • It is freeware app for both – Android and iPhone that saves the spot of your car while you park it on parking sites.
  • As soon as you have parked your car, start the app and save the current spot.
  • Now this app will track your current spot through Google Map and GPS  and save it for get back soon after.

Track Parked Car via Google Maps

  •  While you get back on the parked spot to search your car, tap the “Find Car” option,
  • Then it will prompt area with directions on Google map screen to search the car.
Track Parked Car via Camera
  • This app offers sharing buttons to share your car spot with friends or drivers or another family colleagues by social sites – Face book, Twitter or send SMS on single tap.

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