Best Google Chrome Extensions to Watch YouTube Videos

YOUTUBE is undisputed the most famous video surfing website on the world wide web. It houses millions of videos on almost every topic imaginable and so it shouldn’t be a surprise if anyone tells you that they spend hours on YOUTUBE. If you are one of the lots then the following GOOGLE CHROME EXTENSIONS (apps) might be interesting enough to enrich your experience at YOUTUBE.


No I am not talking of the recent Hollywood action movie LOOPER! It is an extension which if used adds LOOP button in the button dashboard of the YOUTUBE player. Hitting this button will make the video play repeatedly. A useful extension if you are watching your favorite music video or a preview of your favorite movie.


While watching your favorite video on YouTube, the cluster of videos around and the advertisements are an irritating distraction. You can disable them all by this Turn off Light. It adds a bulb icon on your dashboard which when clicked turns off all the other distractions like lights going off in a cinema hall. Only the video you are watching is visible.


It might happen that you are watching a video, but would simultaneously like to work separately as well. YOUTUBE PICTURE IN PICTURE works for that.
With PIP you can detach the video from the chrome and plant itself on the top corner.Thus the video stays and plays while you do your work.


Whenever we watch a video on YOUTUBE, number of likes and dislikes of that video is displayed. But sometimes if the numbers are close we have a hard time deciding the popularity of the video. Rating extension replaces numbers with color code rating bar which has green for likes and red for dislikes which are displayed with the video thumbnails. Thus you can avoid watching videos without opening the page.


The feeds extension allows you to be in touch with your favorite YOUTUBE CHANNEL where regular updates reach you instantly as soon as any video is uploaded on the channel.
Hope that these extensions enhance your video watching experience on YOUTUBE.

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