How to Fix Battery Icon Disappeared in Windows 10

It seems like a nightmare when you see the Battery Icon Disappeared in Windows 10 OS. This power symbol is important if you run devices like desktop netbooks, notebook, laptops, tablets and don’t keep their computers plugged in always. Usually, it appears on the system tray and hovering mouse over it shows you the remaining percentage and battery time. Moreover, right-clicking on the icon also lets you access “Power Options, Windows Mobility Center as well as Adjust screen brightness“. But, if you are finding this graphical representation of battery missing on the taskbar, try out the below-listed solutions to restore it.

How to Fix Battery Icon Disappeared in Windows 10

When you cannot find battery symbol in its expected place, then the possible reasons can be the change of settings, corrupted system files or hardware issues sometimes. We will show your four different solutions in this regard. Let’s proceed to the resolution processes.

Workaround-1: Using the Settings app

Step-1: Hold the Windows key and press I for accessing the default Settings app. You can also launch it from Start Menu.

Step-2: Among the various categories, click on Personalization. When a new page appears, make a click on Taskbar from the left pane.

Step-3: On the adjacent right, click the option namely Select which icons appear on the taskbar underneath Notification area section.

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Step-4: Moving ahead, on the following page, locate the option Power. Now, see whether its toggle is On or Off. If you see it Off, switch it On.

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To know more about this solution, read How to Fix System Icons Missing From Taskbar on Windows 10.

Hopefully, this should restore the icon back to the taskbar. If your effort goes in vain for resolving the problem you need to move on to next method where we will repair the damaged system files.

Workaround-2: Repairing System Files

Step-1: Type CMD on the search box from the taskbar. With the Command Prompt appearing on top, select “Run as Administrator” by putting a right click on it.

Step-2: Next task is to run the below line of command at the “elevated Command Prompt” and press Enter key after inserting it.

sfc /scannow

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Step-3: System instantly starts the detection of affected files and repair afterward once the scan is finished.

See SFC /Scannow, DISM.Exe, CHKDSK Windows 10.

Now, restart the computer and the battery icon should be visible at the taskbar. However, if not, you need to check for any hardware change in the system.

Workaround-3: Checking the Hardware change

Step-1: Type devmgmt.msc in the search box located at the taskbar and click on the result.

Step-2: System takes you to the Device Manager. Now, extend the Batteries section by clicking its arrow. Once it gets expanded, you get to see Microsoft AC Adapter. Put a right click on it.

Step-3: From the options listed down, select Uninstall device. The system may prompt you a warning message for confirmation. Click on Ok in order to continue.

Battery Icon Disappeared in Windows 10 Pic 4

Step-5: Again head back to the Device Manager, click on the Action tab. Here, appoint a click on the option Scan for hardware changes option for the sake of restoring the lost battery icon (see screenshot).

Battery Icon Disappeared in Windows 10 Pic 5

Check the taskbar whether it is showing the battery symbol now. If it doesn’t, you need to click the final resolution process by resetting the computer.

Workaround-4: Resetting Windows 10 to Factory Settings

Resetting is the final option in hand in order to fix the Battery Icon Disappeared in Windows 10. This process will erase all personal data apps, classic programs, and Windows settings. Therefore, we recommend you to save a backup of your important files in any Flash drive before proceeding. Once you have saved the backup, pursue the below-given steps.

Step-1: Click on the Start Menu from your computer and click Settings.

Step-2: Move on to the Update & security section and click on it.

Step-3: Once the new page is opened, click on Recovery option from the left pane. Quickly switch to the adjacent right side where you need to click on Get Started option under Reset This PC section.

Battery Icon Disappeared in Windows 10 Pic 6

Step-4: You can sharply see the following options:

a. Keep my files

b. Remove everything

Battery Icon Disappeared in Windows 10 Pic 7

Step-5: Now, depending on what you prefer, choose the option accordingly.

Get full details about this solution from here – How To Reset Windows 10 Removing Everything, Keeping Files.

The PC will start freshly and there mustn’t be any sort of error in it including missing battery icon.


The battery icon is one of the most important symbols need to be present always at the taskbar in the system tray. As devices with the mobility of power need the current supply for charging them frequently, time and again you need to check the remaining battery life. Besides, battery icon bears importance for accessing other related options too. As a result, you need to fix the issue of Battery Icon Disappeared in Windows 10 once you come across. We have discussed four effective means to resolve the issue. Keep on applying them till the case is resolved and have a great time on your device.

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