Fix Calendar Crashing and not opening Error in Windows 11 22H2

Top methods to solve Windows Calendar Crashing on starting or launching it in Windows 11 version 22H2.

Windows Calendar Crashing and not opening

Several people report facing Windows Calendar crashing problem which makes it impossible to launch in Windows 11. Windows Users suffering from this bug say that as soon as they click on the calendar, the application tries to load before suddenly closing. When going through Mail to start the app it launches briefly before crashing.

Windows Calendar crash occurs for most of the people after installing the recent preview update KB5022913. The application closes immediately after starting even after trying to remediate with multiple solutions. Several users complained about this issue about this on different forums but they hardly got any correct workaround. Windows Calendar is a robust and versatile utility to schedule and systematize your life that provides a simple and intuitive interface for users to create and block events and set reminders. Key features of the Calendar include its integration with Microsoft Team and Outlook which allows users to seamlessly integrate across devices and platforms. See – How to Fix Mail app not working in Windows 11 (Solved!).

Windows Calendar Crashing and not opening in Windows 11

How to fix Calendar Crashing and not opening in Windows 11 –

Way-1: Temporarily use Outlook calendar instead

Since currently, Windows Calendar is crashing you can go with another product of Microsoft that provides nearly the same features and tools. Outlook Calendar is the best option for this concern which you can use online as well.

  1. Navigate to –
  2. Put in your Email, Phone, or Skype id and click on Next.
  3. Enter password and click on Sign in.
  4. Follow onscreen instructions then use Outlook.

Read – Error Code 0x8000000b something went wrong Mail and Calendar App Windows 10.

Way-2: Uninstall recently installed Windows update

It seems that the recent preview update KB5022913 has broken the calendar app and there is a base to claim this reason. The same update, when it was rolled out to Release Preview channel of Windows 11 insider broke the app on many devices.

When any problem Surfaces after receiving a Windows update this means there might be something wrong with the release. Because users started facing Windows Calendar crashing issue triggers after installing KB5022913 uninstalling this may help you to get rid of it. For other users removing another recent update may also work. Therefore, follow the guide –

  1. Press Winkey and I simultaneously.
  2. When the Settings app is in front, click on Windows Update.
  3. Go to the right panel and click on “Update history”.
  4. Scroll down to the last of the page and select – Uninstall updates.
  5. Find KB5022913 in the list and click on “Uninstall”.
How to fix Calendar Crashing and not opening in Windows 11
  1. Confirm the prompt.
  2. The computer will restart twice or thrice and the patch will be uninstalled.
  3. In case, the update is not removed, again launch the Command prompt with administrative privileges as mentioned in Steps 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
  4. Then, copy-paste the following command and hit Enter.

wusa /uninstall /kb:5022913

  1. If a pop asks for confirmation click on Yes.
  2. Still, if the patch is not uninstalled then boot the computer into safe mode and then try the same steps. Take help of – 7 ways to boot Windows 11 into Safe mode with easy steps.
  3. Nevertheless, KB5022913 preview build is not uninstalling, then use System Restore feature to bring the PC back to the date when the patch was not installed. See – System Restore in Windows 10, 8 and set new Restore Points: How to do.
  4. Then navigate to Settings (Win+I) > Windows Update > Update history.
  5. Click on Pause for 1 week from the “Pause updates section”.

You can also stop this update from installing further using – Windows 10 Update Disable Tool [Download] and How to disable Windows 11 update permanently (7 Ways).

Way-3: Run SFC and DISM

Calendar Crashing and not opening in Windows 11 22H2 is a known bug and experts are working to fix it. However, you can try some methods to rescue this issue. Crashing issue when occurs because of corrupt system files or problems with Windows Image these are most helpful built-in command line utilities. Using them sequentially will repair the factors that affect the process of opening the application and prevent it from loading.

On one side, the SFC will thoroughly scan and check the buggy files and replaces them with the fresh ones stored in cache folder whereas on the other the DISM will remediate the Windows Imaging Format.

So follow the steps carefully and perform the tasks –

  1. Click on – Start.
  2. Type – cmd.exe.
  3. Right click on – Command prompt.
  4. Select – Run as administrator.
  5. A popup will appear asking you to approve further process; select Yes.
  6. Type SFC /Scannow and hit the Enter key.
  7. After the repair is completed you should see – “Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations”.
  8. Restart the computer and check if the Windows Calendar is working correctly. If not then again open the command prompt according to steps 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 mentioned at the beginning of this method.
  9. Run the following commands one by one by using copy-paste and Enter:
Dism /Online /cleanup-image /checkhealth
Dism /Online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
Dism /Online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
  1. In the end, reboot your PC and confirm that issue is resolved.

Way-4: Reset Mail and Calendar app

Windows Calendar Crashing and not opening in Windows 11 22H2 may appear due to the broken mail and calendar app itself. Reset of the application sometimes can help to resolve this bug therefore move forward with the steps –

  1. Right click on the “Start” button.
  2. Select – Settings.
  3. Click on Apps from the left panel.
  4. Then select “Installed apps”.
  5. Go to the right of the page and use filter to search Mail and calendar (as it is comparatively easy to find the application).
  6. Click on the 3-dots icon (ellipsis).
  7. Select Advanced options from the drop-down.
  8. On the next page, scroll down and click on – Reset.
Settings apps mail and calendar reset
  1. To proceed, once more click on “Reset”.
  2. Finally, try to open Mail and Calendar and check if it does not persist.

Is Windows calendar not opening or crashing problem on your computer when trying to launch it after you installed an update. Several users are getting problems with this application in Windows 11 22H2.

Way-1: Temporarily use Outlook calendar instead
Way-2: Uninstall recently installed Windows update
Way-3: Run SFC and DISM
Way-4: Reset Mail and Calendar app

That’s all!!

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