How to Fix Error Code 0xc1900208 Windows Update Issue in Windows 10

Error Code 0xc1900208 Windows Update is one of the nagging issues that users face while making an attempt to install the new features. It usually occurs when other programs existing on the system create conflict with update components. Moreover, it also signifies that there is incompatible software installed on your PC and prevents from installing the update files. A 3rd party anti-malware application might cause the issue. Today, we present you certain easy ways to solve this Windows Update Error 0xc1900208.

How to Fix Error Code 0xc1900208 Windows Update Issue in Windows 10

The Error Code 0xc1900208 Windows Update might seem complex by its name, but it is not difficult to bypass it with certain methods. Let us explore few promising ways to get rid of this issue.

Download and Run Windows Update Troubleshooter to Fix Error Code 0xc1900208

Software engineers recognize the Error code 0xc1900208 Windows Update failed as a part of a corrupted component. To know the details of the error, you can also run the troubleshooter.

A. Head to the following website and click the link Download troubleshooter for Windows 10.

B. After downloading the troubleshooter, open it. Click on Advanced at the lower bottom and select the box namely Apply repairs automatically. Afterward, click Run as administrator.

C. Click Next and the troubleshooter will initiate its detecting process.

D. In the following window, if you see Apply this fix, select it and the tool will make an attempt to repair it. Finally, you will the scan result.

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Now, try to update Windows and see whether you still receive the error or not.

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How to Reset the Update Components of Windows to Fix Error Code 0xc1900208

Step #1: Press the Start button on your desktop and then type in “cmd” in the search box.

Step #2: Right-click on the Command Prompt result that displays on the top. From the list of options, choose Run as administrator. If UAC pop-up prompts, click Yes to affirm.

Note – It is important to run cmd as administrator for the changes to take place effectively

Step #3: On the black panel of the elevated Command Prompt, you have to type certain commands that will stop the Windows Update related services. So, either copy-paste or type the commands exactly in the given sequence and hit Enter after each one of them.

net stop bits

net stop wuauserv

net stop appidsvc

net stop cryptsvc

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Step #4: After writing in the command, you have to rename the software distribution folder backup copies. To do this, you need to enter the given list of commands.

ren %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.bak

ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 catroot2.bak

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Step #5: The next step is to restart the services of Windows Update which we stopped in the 3rd step. So, type in or copy-paste the following commands in the same order and hit Enter after each one.

net start bits

net start wuauserv

net start appidsvc

net start cryptsvc

Step #6: Restart your PC and wait for the changes to take place. Most likely, there won’t be an error occurring after this reset method. If in case, the problem still persists, you can choose our alternative method

Fix Error Code 0xc1900208 Windows Update by Removing the Problematic Software

As simple as it might appear to be, this method involves uninstalling, removing or deleting the software that is causing the Error 0xc1900208. The popular culprits here are the antivirus applications. By default settings, they prevent Windows from updating as the software thinks that operating system is downloading some malware or threat containing file from the internet. Finding this program and removing them can help resolve the error code pretty easily. Some anti-virus software like Glyph and CheckpointVPN are the main reasons behind the occurrence of this error.

Find the culprit application

I. Press Windows and E hotkeys simultaneously. This will bring out the File Explorer on your PC screen by displaying the hard disk drives.

II. In the address bar, type C:\Windows\Panther and hit Enter.

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III. Panther folder will appear on the PC screen. Here you have to search for a file name Compat*.xml. Ensure that the file which you are locating should have the latest time and date. You can check the details from its Properties dialog.

IV. Open the Compat*.xml file in a text editor. You can choose to open it with software like Notepad, WordPad and MS Word.

V. Looking at the contents of the file in a document folder, you can easily locate the name of the incompatible app that is causing the Error Code 0xc1900208 Windows Update. Note down the name of the software and write down its details on a piece of paper.

Uninstall the culprit application

VI. Hit Windows and X hotkeys in one go. From the menu that opens up, click Apps and Features.

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VII. On the next page, all the applications currently installed on your system will appear.

VIII. Here, locate the software that you wrote down on the piece of paper and click on it. Click “Uninstall” button and henceforth follow the on-screen guidelines to remove that specific software.

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IX. Lastly, restart Windows 10 PC and try to update the operating system.

Manually Update Windows to Fix Error Code 0xc1900208

The error is known to occur when you run the update automatically. Therefore, another alternative method here is to search for the update on the internet. You have to download it and then run the update like you do it for other software.

i. First of all, open any web browser and visit Microsoft Update catalog website.

ii. On its search box, type the KB number of the update that displays an error message. On clicking the update file, the installation will ask if you wish to upgrade or not and then the update will start.

With a hope that the above information is sufficient to bypass your issue relating to the Error Code 0xc1900208 Windows Update, we expect that you will be able to genuinely update your Windows 10 effortlessly.

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