Fix: “Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!! [Error Code: – 0001]” Windows 10

Did you also encounter Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!! [Error Code: -0001] after receiving the latest update on Windows 10? This error message occurs when you have an obsolete audio driver or also if it holds compatibility issue. If you are acquainted with the same problem, we bring some solutions to fix this sound not working issue.

Experts suggest that uninstalling Microsoft UAA driver or updating the Realtek driver will be pretty helpful to get back the sound. However, to try out these workarounds, you should boot into Safe Mode first. Let us head towards all the possible solutions and see which one works best for you.

Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!! [Error Code - 0001]

Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!! [Error Code: -0001] Windows 10 Solutions –

Here is how to fix the Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!! [Error Code: -0001] in Windows 10.

First of all, you need to reboot the computer in “Safe mode” in order to bypass this sound issue. When you use this boot method, the operating system will start up with essential services as well as system programs only. Moreover, this will load some drivers with an intention to deal with the bugs that cause trouble in the system. So, go through the given sequence of steps to boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode and then follow the workarounds mentioned below.

Go to Cortana text box, type “msconfig” and hit Enter key to open System Configuration.

On the window that shows up, switch to the Boot tab. Here, choose the checkbox against the option Safe boot.

After selecting it, the below options will be highlighted, choose Minimal and click OK.

Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!! [Error Code -0001] Pic 1

Restart Windows 10 PC and at the time of startup, perform a hit on the “F8” to access the boot option.

Now from the list of options, select Safe Mode.

Disable Microsoft UAA driver

Once you enter Safe Mode, try to disable the Microsoft UAA driver which is associated with Realtek HD Audio. Therefore before applying any further fixes, you need to locate and disable the “Microsoft UAA” driver on your computer. Here is how to proceed:

Step-1: Go to the bottom left corner of the taskbar and right click on the Start icon.

Step-2: From the popup menu click on the Device Manager option.

Step-3: Now double-click the “System devices” from the list of options and locate Microsoft UAA driver.

Step-4: Henceforth right click on Microsoft UAA driver and select Disable device.

Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!! [Error Code -0001] Pic 2

Step-5: Close all opened windows and start the PC again in the safe mode. This is important because doing so will not load the driver.

Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft UAA driver

The “Microsoft UAA driver” can be one of the possible cause behind Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!! [Error Code: -0001]. So performing uninstall and reinstall of this driver can avert the recent occurred issue on the system.

  • Go to the Cortana search box and type Device manager. Then click on the same result to launch this Desktop app.
  • Here double click on System devices to explore its menu.
  • Now find out Microsoft UAA driver and make a right-click on it.
  • On the context menu, select Uninstall device followed by a click on the OK button on the prompt to provide a consent.
Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!! [Error Code -0001] Pic 3

The above procedure will automatically remove the Realtek driver from the PC.

Now Restart the machine normally and reinstall the Realtek driver. Instead of letting Windows install the drive, try to install it manually. Download the setup file from the website and then install the same.

Hopefully, this will help you to avoid the Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!! [Error Code: -0001] from the system right away. If not then try our next workarounds.

Update your Audio Driver

When you confront Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!! [Error Code: -0001] you should first make an attempt to check its driver. For this, you need to inspect the installed audio driver. Ensure it is properly functioning on your computer. Here is how to examine:

Press “Win & R” hotkeys altogether to open Run dialog box.

Now, type in or copy-paste devmgmt.msc then click OK to go ahead.

Once the Device Manager shows up, locate “Sound, video and game controllers” and double click on the same.

You will find Realtek High Definition Audio just below this.

If the driver shows the Yellow exclamation mark, then the issue is in the driver. The obsolete or corrupt audio driver might be responsible to let this issue arise in the first place. Therefore updating this driver can rectify the current proficient trouble. Generally, there are two methods to update the problematic driver either automatically or manually. Here is the process-

Click here to visit the official website of Realtek.

Once the site opens up, click on the checkbox I accept to the above then hit Next.

On the successive window, find the driver as per your PC specification like 32 or 64 bit and download that one.

Thereafter go to the downloaded .exe file and double click on its setup file.

Now follow step by step instructions until the driver is installed and enjoy the latest version of the driver without any error.

Hope the above-described workarounds help you to remove the problem Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!! [Error Code: -0001]. If you have any query then write to us in the comments box.

That’s all!

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