Fix Navagio.sys Blue Screen Error or BSOD in Windows 11 / 10

4 ways to solve Navagio.sys BSOD in Windows 11 or 10 occuring with Drive Unloaded Without Cancelling Pending Operations or SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED_M or other stop errors.


Some users report encountering BSOD while playing PUBG on Windows 10 or 11 PC. The game, when launched, asks administrator approval to install an anti-cheat. But when users finish the game and close the app the computer starts showing blue screen of death error Navagio.sys. Sometimes the bug check might appear when opening PUBG.

What failed: Navagio.sys commonly occurs with SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED_M or Drive Unloaded Without Cancelling Pending Operations or other stop errors. The issue appears when quitting PUBG by dismissing manually or using the keyboard Alt+f4 or opening. However, some simple tricks are sufficient to get rid of the BSOD problem.

Navagio.sys BSOD or Blue Screen Error

Here is how to Fix Navagio.sys Blue Screen Error or BSOD in Windows 11 / 10 –

1] Delete Navagio.sys

The easiest way and you can say it trick to solve this Blue screen error is to remove the culprit driver file from the installation folder of the game. Navagio.sys interferes with the system files to load the screen and thus the BSOD throws up. So, remove the item using following steps –

  1. Press – Win+R.
  2. Paste – C:/Program Data/Common Files/PUBG in the space on the Run dialog box. Note – If you have installed PUBG in another folder then go to the path accordingly.
  3. Press – Enter.
  4. Right click on unistall.exe and select – Open.
  5. After the CMD black window is exited, restart the PC.
  6. Again go to – C:/Program Data/Common Files/PUBG.
  7. Delete – navagio.sys.
  8. Launch the game.
  9. When a warning appears that asks for disk access, select – No.
  10. Note that, every time you will have to deny access to the disk while starting the game.

2] Uninstall the latest update

Potential Clash between system components and driver file of the PUBG is the prime cause for generating this error code. This might be the result of the recent Windows update that carried some bugs or was not compatible with the latest version of the game driver. Therefore, uninstall the patch or build whatever you have installed most recently to fix Navagio.sys Blue Screen Error –

  1. Click on the – Search icon from the taskbar.
  2. Type – updates.
  3. Hit – Enter.
  4. Select – View update history.
  5. From the next page, click – Uninstall updates.
  6. Go to the – Microsoft Windows section.
  7. Double click on the latest update and allow it to uninstall.

3] Install the update if pending

Tencent has not confirmed this BSOD as a bug coming out after any update. On the other side, Microsoft doesn’t even mention the Navagio.sys in a release note of security update or build rollout till now. However, in any circumstances, if an update is released in future to solve the driver issue and resulting Blue screen then your problem may end up. Hence, install the update in pending as it may clear the error –

  1. Press – Win+I.
  2. Select – Update & Security.
  3. After the next page appears (Windows update) – click the – Check for updates.
  4. Let the download complete and waiting a while and select – Install now.

4] Disable Kernel-mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection

Windows 11 introduced a feature in Core isolation of Device Security section in Windows Security which is the root cause of Navagio.sys Blue Screen Error that occurs when opening or playing PUBG. This is Kernel-mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection or KSHSP and after its rollout with security update, numerous game players are complaining about BSOD. Once this option is disabled the Navagio.sys BSOD is fixed. So follow the steps:

  1. Click on Search and type Security.
  2. Select “Windows security”.
  3. Once the app appears, click on – Device security.
  4. Navigate to the right pane and select – Core isolation details.
  5. From the next page, turn off Kernel-mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection.
how to Fix Navagio.sys Blue Screen Error or BSOD in Windows 11 or 10

Then play the game freely without any errors.

Methods list
1] Delete Navagio.sys
2] Uninstall the latest update
3] Install the update if pending
4] Disable Kernel-mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection

That’s all!!

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