How to Fix Netflix Error Code tvq st 103 in Windows 10

Did you experience any problems while using Netflix? It is the streaming service where users watch various kinds of movies, dramas or shows from around the world. However, most of them point out that they encounter Netflix Error Code tvq st 103 in Windows 10. So, in this article, we will show solutions to all the devices that face this specific error.

This specific code is always accompanied by other messages such as Unable to connect to Netflix or Netflix has encountered an error. It basically happens when the network connection prevents the device from connecting to the Netflix service.

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Netflix Error Code tvq st 103 in Windows 10 Solutions

Here is how to fix Netflix Error Code tvq st 103 in Windows 10

1. Amazon Fire TV/Stick

Reload the Netflix app

When the error screen displays, do not close that. Instead, select “More Details” and then choose “Reload Netflix” in the next option.

When the app reloads, open and access Netflix again to see does it fix or not.

Reinstall the Netflix app

If the first solution does not work, you must give an attempt to this one. Most people have tried this method and the Netflix Error Code tvq st 103 problem solved nicely.

Firstly, you need to uninstall the Netflix app.

Step-1: You are going to find the Settings from your home screen, then click on Applications.

Step-2: Next, go to the Manage All Installed Application and find the Netflix app in the displayed list.

Step-3: When you see the app, simply tap and choose Delete or Uninstall to remove the app out of your device.

Now, you are going to reinstall the Netflix app with these following steps:

Step-4: Select Search on the home screen, type “Netflix” and click on it.

Step-5: Next, make a click on “Free or Download” to download the Netflix app.

Step-6: Once the download completes, open the app and sign in again to check how it works.

2. Blu-ray Player

Restart your device

This solution is very simple and easy to do. Everything you need is to completely turn off the device for at least 15-20 seconds. After waiting for those seconds, turn on the device and try Netflix again.

However, if this solution does not solve the Netflix Error Code tvq st 103 error, give an attempt to the below-given workarounds.

Restore your ISP’s Default Settings

Netflix programmers advise you to restore your internet service provider’s default settings to bypass this trouble. In case, your device is connected with a “Virtual Private Network” (viz VPN), you must disable and connect it directly with your home internet. Besides that, you also should reset the “DNS” of your devices from custom settings to acquire DNS all by itself.

Restart Your Home Network

Before starting, you must ensure all your home network equipment are unplugged as a group at least 30 seconds.

Step-1: First, ensure to Unplug the Blu-ray player and modem (or wireless router) at least 30 seconds.

Step-2: After 30 seconds, plug in the modem again and wait until it turns on any indicator light.

Step-3: Now, simply turn on your Blu-ray player device and start Netflix again to check how it goes.

Does the Netflix Error Code tvq st 103 error continues to occur? In that case, you can try connecting directly the Blu-ray player to the internet modem. Many results show this method works very nicely.

Connect the Blu-ray player to an internet modem

First of all, turn off your “Blu-ray player” and then use the Ethernet cable to link your Blu-ray player directly your modem.

Next, turn off or unplug your modem for almost ’30 seconds’ and then turn it on or plugin again. Wait until there is no new indicator lights are blinking on.

Now, turn on your Blu-ray player and check your Netflix.

In case, the problem is still not solved, your final option is contacting the internet service to resolve a DNS resolution issue.

3. PlayStation 3

Are you using PlayStation and looking for the solutions for the Netflix Error Code tvq st 103 error? Here is what you need.

Firstly, you have to determine the problem. Simply visit from your computer, and it must use the same network.

  • If you encounter “Netflix Site Error” – your account fails to connect ‘Netflix service’ now. Then, you should wait and access it later.

However, if you do not see a Netflix Site Error, you should try the below options.

Reload the Netflix app

Now, you are going to reload your Netflix app. Simply select “More Detail” on the error screen and choose Reload Netflix. When it is done, open this app again and check how it works.

Ensure your network supports streaming

There will be two cases in this workaround.

1. For Work, School, Hotel, Hospital, Restaurant or any public WIFI network: You must check the ‘network administrator’ to ensure it supports and allows the streaming services like “Netflix”.

2. Cellular Data Network or Satellite Internet: Mostly, these two networks have a slow connection speed. Therefore, many programmers suggest you should use cable internet or DSL.

Test your internet connection

First of all, go to PS3 main menu and choose “Settings“. If you are already on it, press and hold a PS3 button in the middle of the controller.

While holding the PS3 button, you are going to select Quit, choose Yes and then return to the home screen.

Next, choose Network Settings followed by a click on Internet Connection.

After that, you must check does it set to “Enable” or not. In case, it shows “Disable”, you must switch it to “Enable”.

– Finally, choose ‘Internet Connection Test‘ and check your Date and Time Settings. However, make sure the internet is available and is connected to the device.

Sign out of the PlayStation Network

Choose PSN from your PS home screen, select “Account Manager” and henceforth press the Triangle button.

Next, select “Sign out” and confirm.

After you Sign out, again choose PSN from the PS home screen.

Now, use your email and password to sign in “PS Network”. Then, read and agree with the “Terms of Use” before you start the Netflix app again.

Restart PlayStation

This is your next option to solve the Netflix error code tvq st 103.

Firstly, unplug the PS3 from power in 1 minute. However, you must press the power button while it is unplugged or discharge it.

After that, you are going to plug in it again and turn on the “PS3” by pressing the power button.

Reinstall Netflix app

Like always, we need to uninstall the “Netflix” app before reinstalling it.

Hold the PS button and select “Quit” then choose “Yes” to proceed with the selection.

Move to the TV/Video Service section and highlight Netflix. Press the Triangle button on the controller and select “Delete” then “Yes” to start the process.

When the uninstalling process is done, we are going to reinstall the Netflix app.

Step-1: Select the Netflix icon on the TV/Video Service section from the home screen.

Step-2: Pick Yes to download the Netflix app to your device. If you do not see this App on the screen, you need to download it from PS store.

Navigate to the PS store. Find and select Apps then Movies/TV and Netflix then choose Download. When it finishes, you can start using Netflix and see the result.

4. PlayStation 4

Looking for the ways to fix the Netflix error code tvq st 103 on PlayStation 4, here is yours.

See How to Connect Wired / Bluetooth PS4 Controller to Windows 10 PC.

Reload the Netflix app

Similar with all the above options, you can try to reload this app first. If it does not work, you can go to others workarounds. Click on “More Details” on the error screen and then choose Reload Netflix. Open Netflix after it loads and check again.

Restart your PlayStation

Step-1: Unplug the PS Power in 1 minute.

Step-2: Keep a hold on the “Power” button to turn on your PS4 after plugging it in. You can start your Netflix again.

Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app

The problem does not solve? You can try this one.

Open the home screen by holding the PS button (in the middle of the controller). Then, go to Close Application and select Yes.

Move to the TV & Video section and highlight Netflix. After all, you need to press the Options button and choose Delete then OK to confirm. (This action will not remove the Netflix icon on your PS home screen).

Moving ahead, select the Netflix icon. When the PS store appears, choose the Download icon. Once Netflix has finished downloading, select Start.

Open the Netflix app and Sign in to your account and stream again.

5. Set-top Box or Streaming Media Player


In this solution, you need to go to on your computer (use the same network with your device). If you come into view “Netflix Site Error”, your account is currently not able to connect with Netflix service. You must wait and start again later. In case, you do not see it, you should apply the following workarounds to bypass Netflix Error Code tvq st 103.

Reload the Netflix app

You need to find and select More Details on the error screen. In the next option, you are going to choose Reload Netflix. When it is done, start Netflix again.

Sign Out Netflix

Everything you need to do in this section is selecting More Info or More Detail on the error screen then select Reset.

Do not worry if you do not see More Info or More Detail. In this situation, move up and select Settings then Reset.

Again, if there is no Reset, you will click Sign Out or Deactivate to finish the process.

Finally, Sign In and try Netflix.

Restart Your Device

Step-1: Like others devices, you need to unplug and turn off your device by pressing the “Power” to discharge it in 1 minute.

Step-2: Secondly, plug in the device and turn it on. Now, access Netflix and check.

6. Smart TV

If you use “Smart TV” to connect with Netflix, you can fix Netflix Error Code tvq st 103 by using your computer. Simply connect to through your computer (must use the same network with a device) and see how it shows.

If it shows “Netflix Site Error” – you should try back later.

If it does not show “Netflix Site Error” – start following the below-troubleshooting ways.

Sign Out Netflix

Open the Netflix home screen and move up to select Settings. In case, you do not locate Settings or this icon, you can follow these steps.

First, access the Netflix app and using your remote to enter this sequence –


When the next screen appears, you are going to choose Sign Out (Start Over or Deactivate). After you sign out, you are going to sign in and try again.

Now, you need to Sign Out and then Sign In back to check the Netflix Error Code tvq st 103 is fixed or not.

Restart Your Smart TV

Start the solution by unplugging your TV for at least 1 minute. While the television is unplugged, press the TV power button for at least 5 seconds.

Once you plug in and turn on your TV back, open Netflix and try again.

Restore your ISP’s default settings

In order to fix Netflix error code tvq st 103, you can try restoring ISP’s default settings. The programmers suggest that you should restore your internet service to default settings if you made it as custom connection settings. DNS also must be changed to Automatic if you set it as a custom DNS setting. If you do not know how to do, get help from the device manufacturer.

Restart Your Home Network

First and foremost, ensure to unplug all your home network equipment and TV for 30 seconds before plugging it back one by one. When you are done, follow this instruction.

Turn off and unplug your smart TV and modem. Leave it off for 30 seconds.

Now, plug in your modem (and router) and wait until it does not show any new indicator light.

You can power on your smart TV open Netflix to see the Netflix Error Code tvq st 103 has been solved or not.

Connect Your Smart TV directly to the modem

You can pass the router if you think it does not help. Start this option by directly connecting the television to the internet modem.

Similar to the above information, you need to turn off or unplug your TV.

Use an “Ethernet” cable to connect a TV with the modem then turn it off at least 30 seconds.

Continue the process by plugging the modem and wait until there is no new indicator lights display. Once it finishes, turn on your smart TV and open Netflix.

When you try all of the above solutions and it still does not work then your last option is contacting the internet and manufacturer providers for supporting.

7. Roku

Do you use Roku to watch Netflix and does it shows up Netflix Error Code tvq st 103? You should go to Netflix website and check that is it the problem from Netflix or your home internet service. When you access Netflix, if it shows “Netflix Site Error”, you should leave and come back later. However, if it fails to display anything, you can apply these workarounds.

Sign Out Netflix

First of all, you need to select ‘More Info‘ or ‘More Details‘ on the error screen of the Netflix app.

Continue below option if you do not see More Info/More Details.

Move up and choose Settings, then using the arrow keys on your device’s remote and move: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP, UP.

Now, you are going to select Reset/Sign Out/Deactivate to sign out Netflix. After that, simply sign in and open Netflix.

Restart Roku

Whether you are using PS3, PS4, Smart TV or Roku, Restart is one of the solutions to fix Netflix error code tvq st 103. It is very simple and easy as you have to just unplug “Roku” in 10 – 15 seconds then plug in and turn it on. When the device is on, you have to wait 1 minute and start Netflix again.

Deactivate and reactivate Netflix app

Step-1: Open the Roku home screen by pressing the Home button and then highlight Netflix.

Step-2: After pressing the Star key, move to Remove Channel and select it again to confirm the process.

Step-3: When it completes, select Streaming Channel on the home screen.

Step-4: In the next screen, simply choose Movie & TV then Add Chanel and Go to Channel.

Step-5: The process is done; you can sign in and start using Netflix.

Xbox 360

Did you check Netflix service before finding how to fix Netflix error code tvq st 103 on Xbox 360? If not, you should use your computer and access to the Netflix website to see where is the issue from. If it shows “Netflix Site Error”, it means your account is unable to connect with Netflix. So, you should wait and try later. However, you must try these provided methods if you do not see anything.

Reload Netflix app

From the error screen, you are going to choose More Detail and Reload Netflix. Once it reloads, you can start Netflix again.

Make sure your Network support streaming service

If you are using a cellular data network or satellite internet, you should change it to cable internet or DSL. Most programmers and internet services suggest you use cable internet because it is faster than others internet service.

If you are using public WIFI network, you should make sure it supports streaming services.

Confirm your Xbox’s DNS Settings

You need to press the Guide button on your controller. Moving ahead, navigate to “Settings”, then select System Settings and Network Settings.

On the panel, you are going to choose your network and Configure Network.

In the DNS Settings section, find and click on Automatic. When the process finishes, simply turn off the Xbox then start Netflix to see how it works.

Sign Out Netflix

While you are in the Netflix app, use your “Xbox 360” controller and press the ‘B’ button.

Select Settings or gear icon from the on-screen menu and choose Sign Out.

You are going to click Yes to start the process. When it is done, open your Netflix app and check the Netflix Error Code tvq st 103.

For those who cannot find the gear icon or Settings, you can use your remote and move the arrows: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP, UP.

When the next screen appears, simply select Sign Out/ Start Over/Deactivate/ Reset to sign out Netflix.

Now, you can start your Netflix again by Sign In to your account.

9. Xbox One

Before applying any solutions for your “Xbox One“, you should check the network connection. If you are using WIFI from a hotel or school, you must ensure it supports streaming services. However, while using the home internet to connect to Netflix, you should consider changing it to “cable internet” or “DSL” for better speed.

Actually, you can pass it if you do not know how to do and follow these below options.

Restart Your Home Network

You must ensure your ‘home network’ equipment is unplugged for 30 seconds before doing these steps.

Turn off the video game console and unplug the modem for at least 30 seconds.

Next, plug in the modem and wait until it does not have any indicator lights blinking.

Finally, simply turn on the Xbox One and access Netflix.

Option 2: Connect your device directly to your internet modem

Sometimes, WIFI or Satellite internet connection is usually slower than cable internet. Therefore, you should connect directly your device to the internet modem by following steps:

After turning off Xbox One, use the “Ethernet” cable to connect the device and internet modem.

Now, turn off the modem for at least 30 seconds and then turn it on.

Wait until there is no blinking indicator light. Lastly, turn on your device and start Netflix.

Although Netflix Error Code tvq st 103 makes us feel really annoyed and uncomfortable, it is very easy to fix. All of the above solutions only take you 5-10 minutes, so why do not you try to solve by yourself. In case, if it does not show any positive result, you can call and ask internet or manufacturer service for help.

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