Fix Roblox Failed to create directory Error in Windows 11 or 10

Best 4 methods to solve “An error occurred while starting Roblox Details: Failed to create C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Roblox\Downloads\roblox-player error=3” in Windows 11 or 10.

Roblox Failed to create directory

Do you encounter a weird error popup when trying to launch and play Roblox games or install its launcher? Some sources say that this issue occurs due to bugs in the most recent update of this gaming application which affects a large number of Windows users. Even I came across the message “An error occurred while starting Roblox Details: Failed to create directory C:\Users\nkuma\AppData\Local\Roblox\Downloads\roblox-player error=3 when trying check and research the problem. But don’t worry, you will find a working solution to this problem in the coming part of the post.

Roblox Failed to create directory error when installing launcher or starting the game in Windows is likely to appear because of bugs and a trick can settle the issue. Even I tested this solution and you need to only follow the step-by-step method carefully. Roblox has not acknowledged this error until now and gamers are waiting for a fix from the company. See the workarounds for one more issue – Fix Roblox Error 403 Authentication Failed in Windows 11 or 10. Now let’s see the solutions –

Failed to create directory error in Roblox

Here is how to fix Roblox Failed to create directory Error in Windows 11 or 10 –

Way-1: Trick – Manually create a folder in the directory

Manually creating a Downloads folder in the directory in the Roblox gaming app program can fix the error. Earlier versions of the game used to automatically set up the folder where the launcher could be installed but recent bugs stop this process.

As a result, the error message is triggered and prevents you from starting Roblox. Follow the steps:

  1. Press Windows and R keys together.
  2. Type control.exe folders and hit Enter.
  3. On File Explorer Options window, click on View tab.
  4. Under Advanced settings section, check the option – Show hidden files, folders, and drives.
  5. Click on Apply and then on  OK.
how to fix Roblox Failed to create directory Error in Windows 11 or 10
  1. After that, press Winkey + E.
  2. When File Explorer is open, go to the left-hand side navigation pane.
  3. Click on – This PC.
  4. From the right panel, double-click on Local disc (C:). If your laptop or computer is having Solid State Drive, double click on “Windows-SSD (C:)”.
  5. In the same way, open Users directory.
  6. Double click on the folder having your username.
  7. Open AppData.
  8. Go to Local.
  9. Double click on the Roblox folder.
  10. Right-click anywhere on an empty location, put the mouse cursor on New, and select Folder.
  11. Name this folder Downloads.
users appdata local roblox folder new folder
  1. Now start or install Roblox without getting the failed to create directory error message.

For quick action: Path where you need to create the Downloads folder –


fix Roblox Failed to create directory Error

Way-2: Uninstall and reinstall the Roblox launcher

Note that majority of users and gamers have fixed the Failed to create directory error in Roblox on Windows 11, 10, or other versions following the previous method. If you are unfortunate and are not successful to get rid of means there is something wrong with your system or installation of the game.

Therefore, in the next part, we are providing the solutions to the issues that can cause the error to be generated due to something wrong with Windows.First of all, try to uninstall the Roblox launcher and reinstall the same –

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Type appwiz.cpl.
  3. On the Programs and Features window that appeared, find Roblox and select this.
  4. Then, click on Uninstall and select Yes on the confirmation prompt.
Failed to create directory
  1. If any wizard opens up, follow the onscreen instructions until the program is completely uninstalled.
  2. Now open Run dialog box, type %temp%, and hit the “enter” key.
  3. Select all the items in the folder and delete them.
  4. In the same manner, launch “Run” and enter temp.
  5. Delete entire items in the launched folder.
  6. Next, click on Search from the taskbar.
  7. Type regedit.exe and press Enter.
  8. On the User account control prompt, select “Yes”.
  9. Once the Registry Editor loads, go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ROBLOX Corporation.
  10. Right click on ROBLOX Corporation and select Delete.
  11. Close the Registry Editor and restart your computer.
  12. Try to launch Roblox and play.

Read – How to Remove Traces of Uninstalled Programs in Registry on Windows 11 or 10.

Way-3: Run Disk Cleanup

Less free space and unnecessary garbage are the most influential factor to generate the Roblox error popup. With every action, the computer creates temporary files and over time there is a large pile of junk is accumulated that may hinder launching the application.

Cleaning them may help you get rid of the issue and start the game normally, so, move forward with the instructions:

  1. Right-click on Start and select Run.
  2.  Write cleanmgr.exe and hit “Enter”.
  3. Select Local Disk (C:). following by clicking on OK.
  4. When the ‘Disk Cleanup for (C:)’ window appears click on “Cleanup system files”.
  5. Again choose “Local Disk (C:)” and press Enter.
  6. On the next window, check all the boxes in the “Files to delete section.
  7. Click on – OK.
  8. Finally, select “Delete files”.
Disk cleanup for C OK to clean junk

See – Windows 11/10 – How to Open and Use Disk Cleanup.

Way-4: Run SFC /Scannow and DISM to fix Failed to create directory in Roblox

Corrupted system files might interfere with normal operations when starting the Roblox games launcher. This method will repair the components like DLL, exe, and other files that can affect or block normal functions of the application.

Additionally, DISM will correct if any problem with the Windows image format occurs. Therefore, run both the command line utilities using the underneath guide –

  1. Press – Winkey+S.
  2. Type – cmd.exe.
  3. Right click on Command prompt from the result at the top.
  4. Select – Run as administrator.
  5. Once a User account control pop-up appears, click on the Yes option.
  6. Type SFC /Scannow on the command prompt and press the Enter key on keyboard.
  7. When you see “Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations” it means the task is completed. Reboot your device and then check if the launcher is working fine.
  8.  In case, Roblox Failed to create directory error still persists, again launch the command prompt with administrative privileges once more following the steps given at the beginning of this way.
  9. Run the below cmd commands successively –
"Dism /Online /cleanup-image /checkhealth
Dism /Online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
Dism /Online /cleanup-image /restorehealth"
executing dism restorehealth command in windows 11 through command prompt
  1. After finishing, restart the computer and see if the problem is over.

Way-1: Trick – Manually create a folder in the directory
Way-2: Uninstall and reinstall the Roblox launcher
Way-3: Run Disk Cleanup
Way-4: Run SFC /Scannow and DISM

That’s all!!

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