Fix or Troubleshoot Sky Go App not working Issue in Windows 10

How to Fix or Troubleshoot Sky Go App not working Issue in Windows 10.

Fix or Troubleshoot Sky Go App not working Issue in Windows 10

Sky Go is a pioneer online media content provider that facilitates users with live TV programs and On-demand videos for Windows PC, Chromecast, Smartphone, Mac, etc. However, you might encounter various issues such as several error codes (PFE12000, PFE12000, PFE9903). Here you will find methods to Troubleshoot all the errors causing Sky Go App not working problems.

This is the era of online streaming and being the pathfinder in this field, users love to use Sky go on their Device. Though there is only one condition and that one is you have to be in UK territory to use this media service. This could be managed by using several VPNs whose sole role is to mimic a UK IP address so that you can have the access to stream movies online. It has been found that several users are not able to watch Sky go even using a VPN. Here in this article, we will talk about every minute details of Sky Go as well as some easy tips to refrain from any restriction which hinders the smooth watching. Let’s move see the methods to troubleshoot them –

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Sky Go App not working Issue in Windows 10

Here is how to Fix or Troubleshoot Sky Go App not working Issue in Windows 10 –

First of all, you must be using a trustworthy Virtual Private Network or VPN in case you want to run Sky Go service outside United Kingdom. Despite having a VPN provider you cannot access Sky Go the follow the methods –

You usually encounter 3 types of issues on Sky Go  –

  1. Sky Go login problems
  2. Several error messages you’re experiencing on Sky Go
  3. Video or sound issues on Sky Go

Here is the complete guide on how to fix Sky go App not Working on Windows 10 PC.

How to Fix or Troubleshoot Sky Go App not working Issue in Windows 10.

1] Sky Go login problems

When you are unable to login to the Sky Go app and it is creating annoyance, then follow these steps to overcome this situation –

  1. Enter the Sky ID and password correctly; must remember the password as it could be case- sensitive. So it should be exactly what you originally set.
  2. If you forget the details then reset this manually. Once the task is finished, try signing again.

2] Error messages you’re receiving on Sky Go

You might encounter several errors on Sky Go app and each section below is clearly explained to solve them. Follow anyone as per the problem you are seeing:

i. When you are receiving the error message

There could be several reasons leading to bugs in Sky Go app not working in Windows 10. Here are some of the topics along with their detailed solution:

ii. Want to use Sky Go on this device? Go to Manage Devices to swap a registered device for this one

If you attached another device with your computer and want to watch the show on a new one then you should remove the previous device then replace this in place of earlier. To do this-

  1. Go to the home screen of Sky go app and select the Settings icon that exists at the top left corner.
  2. Hit on the “Manage Devices” to reveal the devices which you have already registered under this app.
  3. Click on Remove this device option to delete one from them.

Important: you can only re-allocate one device in 30 days no matter which one you have removed within this period. If you add one device you need to wait next month to compliment a new one.

iii. You’ve reached the maximum number of downloads for this show

Frequent errors appearing on Sky Go app indicate that you have reached the maximum number of downloads that are 25. In this case, delete the watched episodes and the new video will be automatically queued up.

iv. You need the relevant Sky TV subscription to watch this show

This trouble will occur due to the show which you are trying to watch is not a part of your Sky Go package. To overcome this irritating problem you need to upgrade your subscription. Here is the process –

  1. Visit the offers and upgrades page and sign in with your registered Sky ID. Note: If you are not remembering then click here to reset or retrieve your details online.
  2. Select one of the offers which would you want to enjoy then follow the onscreen guidelines until the process is accomplished.
  3. The process keeps up to 24 hours to come in effects however some programs such as SKY Sports, Sky Cinema, HD, or SKY GO Extra will update easily and quickly within a few times.

v. We found an issue with your account

Source of annoyance/irritation is found related to your Sky Go account then you should contact the Customer Service team asking them to resolve this trouble.

vi. Maximum Limit reached: Unable to register this device

This issue generally occurs when one device is already registered in the current month (30 days). No matter if you recently removed any device or add one, you should wait for next month to register the next one.

vii. Manage the device to fix Sky Go App not working

Show the device which is already registered

The Sky GO app only offers to watch any TV shows, Movies on up to two devices. In order to enjoy the same on 6 supporting devices then you require to upgrade with Get Sky Go Extra.

The devices on which this could be watched are limited to 2 and can be increased up to 4 using Get Sky Go Extra.

For example, if the Sky Go and Sky Kids are registered for one device it counts one. On another side, if Sky Go is compatible with one device and Sky kids is friendly with other it allocates two devices.

Important:  If you have installed major Windows or IOS update then make sure you have registered to Sky Go again and it counts it as a changed device on that specific month.

To See the registered device and remove it
  1. Open the Sky Go Desktop app and click on the Settings icon located at the top left corner of the home screen.
  2. In left-hand menu, select the Manage Devices option to see the status of registration.
  3. Make a click on the Remove option.

vii. Invalid PIN, please try again

Here you need to Enter a valid four-digit Sky go Pin. In case you have forgotten the effective one then you can either reset this or create another one.

Reset the PIN
  1. Sign in to the Sky Go app with the registered email id or Username and Password. If you don’t remember the Sky Go id then click here.
  2. Under PIN section, choose the – Change your Settings.
  3. Now set the new PIN carefully within Enter new PIN field.

Note: Here you should avoid using any personal information like date of birth or other for security purposes.

  1. Under Confirm new PIN section, re-enter the new PIN.
  2. Select “Update PIN” to save changes.
Create a Sky Go PIN
  1. Firstly Sign into the Sky Go app using valid email id or Username and Password.
  2. Choose the Change Your Sky Go PIN then type four digit valid ‘PIN’ under Enter new PIN section.
  3. Next, you need to enter any details having relevance to the “PIN” such as date of birth.
  4. Insert again the previously entered one under Confirm new PIN section.
  5. Hit Update PIN to confirm the changes.

Hope the Sky go App not Working due to an invalid PIN issue is solved.

ix. This show is currently unavailable

The error message “this show is currently unavailable” occur while trying to watch a particular video. This issue might be in the Sky GO app itself. In this situation, you need to wait for a little time and try to watch it again and see the response. If the message appears repeatedly, possibly a specific file couldn’t be uploaded. You can wait and try to watch when the file gets uploaded on the server.

x. Please accept T&C to continue using the app

When this message pops up on Screen while using the Sky Go app, you should accept the terms and conditions right away.

To know the details of this application’s protocol go to the top left corner of the home screen and select the Gear icon (Settings option).

xi. Make sure the date and time on your device is correct

  1. Right-click on the time section at the bottom right of the Taskbar.
  2. Select the – Adjust date/time.
  3. Under Date & Time section of the Settings page, click the – Change.
  4. Set the correct ‘time’ then hit the – ‘Change’.
  5. Under the Formats category, click the – Change date and time formats.
  6. Make sure Short Date and Long Date both are set to DD/MM/YYYY format. Change this if needed.

xii. You have reached the maximum number of downloads

Downloading shows and movies

To download the movies or shows it is essential to have Sky GO Extra and the Sky Go app on the desktop.

Having a Wi-Fi connection is compulsory for downloading as this process is restricted while using 3G or 4G mobile data.

Check the minimum architecture as
  1. Windows Operating System only 7, 8.1, or 10 or letter version.
  2. An Intel-based processor as Dual Core or Core 2 Duo with 2.1 GHz per CPU or AMD processor with 2.9 GHz(and Ram over 2 GB)
  3. 2 GB system Ram- DirectX 9 compatible video card with 1 GB DDR2 RAM, 600 MHz GPU clock rate, and 5 M pixel per the second filtrate.
  4. DirectX compatible audio card.

To confirm this hardware specification you need to follow these steps-

  1. Go to Taskbar search and type dxdiag.
  2. Press the Enter and check the specs.

Note: If your PC does not meet the specifications but the computer continues to work with this app, it might cause poor viewing experience.

In case the prompt appears, download the Sky Go desktop app and go through the onscreen instructions to complete the installation of this app.

  1. Go to the left column and click the TV Guide or Catch Up.
  2. Select the specific program which you want to watch and hit the – Play.
  3. Next, sign in with Sky Go ID to start playing the video.
  4. This process will automatically register to “Sky Go”.
Watching Downloads

Initially, you need a 3G or 4G connection to carry out the downloading process of the program without interruption. When the program is fully downloaded from Sky Go, you can watch it offline.

The downloaded content will stay on the computer for up to 30 days. However, if you start watching, you will have only 48 hours to view the file prior to expiring. You will be reminded of this when you first press the play button.

It doesn’t matter whether you are watching the program or not as you need to keep track of this view on the console.

To check the program existence on the system, go to the Downloads section to fly this show.

Deleting downloads

Deleting the program is an easy task under the Download section.

All you need is to choose the Download on the show then select the particular file and then press – Delete.

Important: When the program gets expired, it will automatically get deleted. That’s why there is nothing to worry about removing any particular file.

xiii. Sky Go App not working Error PFE12000

If the Error PFE12000 causes nonsense and Sky go App not working you should follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting guide step by step to overcome this issue.

Before proceeding ahead, make sure that the date & time is set to the correct value as per your geo-location.

Close Cisco VideoGuard Monitor

If the change in date and time method is not that helpful to avoid Sky go App not working issue then Close the Cisco VideoGuard Monitor program. This might settle this bug.

  1. Press the – Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  2. On bringing up Task Manager, right-click on ‘CiscoVideoGuardMonitor.exe *32’ then choose End task.
  3. Close the application and once more open the Sky go app.
Uninstall the Sky Go desktop app and the Cisco VideoGuard player

After you have applied both the fixes but Error PFE12000 still persists in Sky Go app then uninstall this application and install the same again.

Before going through the uninstalling process, ensure that the Sky Go desktop app is closed then follow these procedures –

  1. Press Win+S type Control then hit Enter.
  2. Here select Programs and Features then Uninstall a program option.
  3. Next, locate ‘Cisco VideoGuard Player’ and ‘Sky Go’ applications one by one then select once found.
  4. Click the Uninstall to remove this app from the list.
Delete remaining Sky Go and VideoGuard folders

Uninstalling the app is not enough to avoid this trouble as the leftover data also creates a nuisance in the system. So you should delete the remaining data of Sky Go and VideoGuard as well from the system.

Before going through this process make sure that you can see the hidden files. Here is how to proceed:

  1. Press Windows and E hotkeys to start file explorer.
  2. Select View menu.
  3. Ensure that the Hidden Items checkbox is ticked under the Show/hide.

Now navigate to the following path under the File Explorer window and delete the residual folders.

  1. Select (C 🙂 Drive then go to User > [yourusername] > AppData > Local > Cisco > then delete the ‘VideoGuardPlayer’ folder.
  2. Select (C 🙂 Drive then go to User > [yourusername] > AppData > LocalLow > Cisco > then delete the ‘VideoGuardPlayer’ folder.
  3. Select (C 🙂 Drive then go to User > [yourusername] > AppData > Roaming > then delete the ‘Sky’ and ‘Sky Go’ folders.
  4. Access the Downloads folder; delete all ‘SkyGoInstaller’ files.
  5. Once the process is done delete the left behind Sky Go and Cisco folders from Recycle Bin.
  6. Now go to the official website and fresh install this desktop app.

xiv.  Error PFE9903

The Error PFE9903 commonly occurs either when the screen capture program is installed or you are attempting to run this application while streaming the video. Any online streaming platform is very cautious about stealing or copying video. If you are using such software the first task you need to do is to remove this then try again running the Sky Go app to watch videos uninterrupted.

  1. To do this, open Task Manager.
  2. Select the presently running Sky Go application and hit the End task button.
  3. Thereafter stop the application which you have earlier opened to capture your Screen. If you are not using any such software, skip this step and move to the next one.
  4. Open the app again and this time you won’t get the Error PFE9903 on your system.

xv. We’re sorry you’re having an issue

Suppose you are still facing the error message which is not explained above Browse our help topics on Sky Community to discuss the issue and get the solution as soon as possible.

3] Video or sound issues on Sky Go

Picture related issue is the third bug which users face while using Sky Go on their Device. Let’s proceed to learn how to tackle this problem.

  1. At first, check whether your Broadband supports Sky Go or not. If not, there might be trouble with the service provider.
  2. If this has no issue then check Service Status.

Note: To watch any show, the minimum speed should be around 2 Mbps on a wireless connection or 180 kbps on 3G or 4G.

It is a well-known fact that ethernet cable to connect the device with the router exceeds the security and speed over WiFi. Therefore try to use this one instead of a wireless connection.

Follow the Wifi signal improvement guide to fasten the internet access.

Hope the above solution helps you to solve this picture issue. If the problem is still available then test the broadband performance.

Broadband diagnostic

If the above solutions do nothing, the issue might be in your connected Broadband. Therefore test this device’s working performance.

Test your broadband

Click on the broadband diagnostic website and select any of the options to test your broadband or carry out this process manually.

If you choose the Test your broadband option, then sign in with a registered email id and valid password then follow the On-Screen guidelines to complete the process.

Carry this process manually

There are three consecutive options under this section which can be selected according to the problems you are facing on the PC. They are, I can’t connect to the internet, I can connect but the connection is slow and I have a different problem. Each section is described below.

If you are receiving the Error Message “can’t connect to the internet-All my devices” then follow the described below prototypes:

I can’t connect to the internet – Select the types of device you cannot connect to the internet

Here you need to answer “have you joined Sky Broadband in the last two weeks”

If you have selected yes then ensure that your Sky Broadband activation is not expired as if it does, the connection will not work.

In case the broadband is active, Sky Go will test the phone line for the past two weeks for better performance. Therefore it is recommended to turn on the router all the time to find the interruption of speed and get the best help.

If you selected no – Choose the router which you are currently using then follow the onscreen directions to see which types of internet light you are displaying like amber, green, white, or all are off.

Only some devices – If the affected device connected to the internet this causes the issue hence you select the connection which you are using. Here you have to choose which types of device you are connected to the router which is annoying you either Wireless or Wired.

Wireless connection – Under this section, you need to ensure that some of the steps are working properly. They are:

  1. Check the wireless status notification under the taskbar which should be turned ON.
  2. Make certain that you are using the correct network card.
  3. Confirm the security key that you have to enter is correct.

Important: When you have doubts about the name of the wireless network or password (if not changed) you can find it on Sky Hub or within the Connect card.

  1. Whether the connected Sky Hub has the WPS button: If yes, push and hold this button for two seconds and again press the WPS button within two minutes. This process will reconnect the Hub with a wireless device. For more queries on how to connect the wireless device visit help guide.
Wired connection

If you are using the wired device which is causing the issue related to picture from Sky Go server, you should go through these steps –

Make sure that the Ethernet cable is properly connected to the respective port on both Sky Hub as well as the device. If you have completed this method and the issue still persists then check faults within the Ethernet cable. To test this, connect your PC to the internet using some other cable or wireless device. Once the newly connected device is working properly, change the cable and retry to connect it. Here is the detailed information on how to connect broadband and device.

When you can connect but the connection is slow – The issue might be occurring on your device at all time, casually, or on some of the specific devices.

For “On all my device, all the time” occurs, confirm the option “Have you join the Sky broadband in last two weeks” If Yes – Ensure Sky Broadband activation isn’t expired.

In case the broadband is active then the Sky Go will test the phone line for the past two weeks for best performance. So it is recommended to turn on the router at all times to find the interruption of speed and get better help.

If you recently join the Sky Broadband and not completed two weeks then – Lift the telephone receiver which tone you hear? Select any of the given below options to rescue –

If the selected option is no – There are four options under this section. Lift the phone receiver and listen to the ringing tone.

A normal dial tone and I don’t have a landline phone – If this is what causing the trouble then it is advised to check whether your router is set up correctly or not. For this, you require your Sky Hub at your master phone socket.

You can look out for the master socket in between the BT/Openreach logo. If you have found there but couldn’t be able to trace the master socket then try searching for a socket that appears thicker than the rest. You can also locate this by finding the route from where the phone line enters your home.

Important: Without finding the master socket, you could connect your Hub to the convenient socket. However, in this case, the broadband might not perform as desired.

Select the types of master socket you are using either with the help of a Standard master socket or pre-filtered master socket.

For Standard master socket user

You need to follow these steps to resolve the slow connection issue –

  1. First, disconnect the currently active Sky Hub from its socket and remove other devices such as microfilters, power cables, and splitters.
  2. Avoid the equipment to keep near your Sky Hub such as electrical equipment, large metal objects (filing cabinets and radiators), huge water (fish tank), and windows in your home.
  3. The first thing connected to the master phone socket is the microfilter. The microfilter and master microfilter come with the Sky Hub so you try to connect to Sky hub using the master microfilter (the larger device).
  4. Next, plug Sky Hub with the micro filter. Here you need to ensure that one end of the grey DSL cable is connected to the Sky Hub and another purple socket with Sky Hub.
  5. In case if you are using a phone cable, plug it into the microfilter port labeled as Sky Box/phone. If you want to attach some other phones or Sky Box to the current network, plug the splitter into the Sky box/ phone port then you can attach any number of devices to the splitter.
  6. Note: Never attach the splitter directly into the master socket.
  7. To confirm this, the main switch and all other devices like phone and Sky boxes should be turned ON.
  8. Next, enter the blue end of the black power cable into your Sky Hub and insert the cable into a plug socket.
  9. Once you are done, try to browse the internet and we hope the slow connection issue has fixed on your device. If not follow the next solution.
Pre filtered master socket

If you are using a Pre filtered master socket user then you should follow these steps

  1. Firstly detach the currently active Sky Hub from its socket, unplug other devices such as microfilter, power cables, and splitters from Sky Hub.
  2. Ensure the other devices are not interfering with the Hub’s signals. Thus, to avoid several signals near sky Hub coming out from appliances such as electrical equipment, large metal objects (filing cabinets and radiators), huge water (fish tank), and windows in your home, try to locate the router at a safe place far away from the above given electrical equipment.
  3. Now connect the cables to their respective ports properly and turn on the main switch or other devices that are connected to Hub. Once the process gets finished, try to browse the web page without facing any hassle.

A hissing or crackling dial tone and no dial tone – sign in then text your Broadband or call on 03337591980 to share the problem with a Sky expert.

On only some of my devices, all the time – When the trouble is found on specific devices, you need to ensure that the clearest WiFi signals are located in the Sky Hub and it is positioned accurately.

  1. Try to retain the Hub at the central part of the home.
  2. The position of the hub at least 1 meter off the ground and not to be close to the ceiling.
  3. Try to possess the hub in an open circle and keep distance between Hub and other electrical devices approx. 30cm.
  4. It is wise to avoid positioned the Hub nearest to other wireless devices such as cordless phone base station.

If you have ensured all the above-explained workarounds correctly but the slow connection still persists on your specific device then the problem is not in your broadband.

Therefore check the WIFI of your device as it might be that in a certain area the signal cannot be reached. If that’s the case you can use Sky Wireless Booster to enhance your WIFI capacity.

These days we use so many devices and connect them all to the same internet source like Smart TVs, Sky q, Sound System, light controlled bulbs, and many others. This could consume more data at the same time resulting in slow speed. Therefore it is recommended to check the minimum consumption that you need and upgrade your package if your requirement is more than the present bandwidth.

At certain times of the day

According to the report of several people, they faced this problem at a specific time of the day. In this case, you need to ensure some of the guides discussed below-

When more people are connected to the same broadband the bandwidth is shared equally among all the devices. As a result, the speed becomes slow. Hence it is recommended to shut down the device which you are not using.

The peak time of the day such as evening or weekend, more people browse the internet and thus compete for wireless networks to share the bandwidth in your area. Hence the traffic speed becomes slow.

When heavy usage occurs on one carrier, the net speed goes below. So check your wireless network of your area and switch to another router which is less busy if required.

Important: To change your wireless carrier, you need to reboot your Sky Hub.

If you are a new customer of Sky Broadband customer, the company tests the phone line over the first two weeks. So it is a normal phenomenon to change the internet speed or interruption of connection. For more query go through the help article.

On a specific website or app

When most of the Websites or apps are working excellently but the specific failed to open this is not your broadband services problem. This might be the technical issue of that site. So wait for a few minutes and try to launch this again. If the error is still available, uninstall the app and reinstall it.

When you have different problems leading to Sky Go App not working

Under this section you have to select any of the options regarding which you want help:

My Sky Broadband equipment – This tool helps you to identify the device either Sky Wireless Booster or Wireless N adaptor which is currently in use and how to set up these adapters with sky Hub.

My Sky Wireless Booster – This is designed to raise up the received Wi-Fi signals from the Sky Hub to the devices. This can improve the overall watching and streaming experience even in those areas where the signals were earlier not approaching. However, there is one thing that could not be boosted and that one is the internet speed as this is a carrier-related concern.

The function of this booster is pretty simple. All this does is to amplify the received signals from the Hub and transmit it back to the same channel simultaneously. In simpler words, if you are receiving a strong signal, the booster will make it half and that could be superimposed when you are receiving the bad signal.

How to set up your wireless or wired booster
  1. To configure the Wireless or wired Booster the first thing you’ll need is an internet-enabled device.
  2. If your device has an Ethernet port (most computers and laptops have), select Wired option otherwise hit the Wireless button for mobile phones and tablets users.
  3. Before proceeding ahead, you have to position your Booster near your router. Once the connection is established, move the Booster here and there to find the best location where the internet signal is received easily.
  4. Next, you can plug the power cable back into the power socket present at the back of the booster followed by inserting it to the main switch. Again, power on the Booster. This should go solid white. Then connect your Booster to your device using the Ethernet cable provided.
  5. Open your device’s web browser and visit here.
  6. Now advance to your wireless network and enter your verified password. You can see both of the options present underside of Sky Hub.

Important: If you are unable to see the network, click on the Refresh Wireless Network List or put it manually.

  1. Select the Connect option. After 30 seconds the setup Complete automatically and the wireless light (solid white) is turned ON.
  2. If this is still not working, then take a paper clip and insert its end into the reset button available at the back of the Booster. Again push and hold the end till power turns on and the light flash appears. You have to wait up to 20 seconds for this power turning on and the light appearing solid white. When the flashlight lit Solid white light, the Booster is reset and you can use this now.
  3. Again disconnect the booster from the device and switch off the mains. There is nothing to worry about as when the router is re-opened it will connect automatically. At last open the browser at the location which is in between the router and the area where you are receiving the poor Wi-Fi signal.
  4. Now plug your Booster into the mains. Within 30 seconds the wireless light will be turned ON. When the router is out of range then change its location until the light gets solid white.
  5. At last, enjoy the connected router and use WIFI signals at home.

Sky Q Booster – if you are trying to connect Sky Q Booster with older Sky Hub, this device is not compatible with it. To make a connection with Sky Hub you need Sky Wireless Booster.

Fix problem with your Wireless booster – if you have the other problem regarding the Wireless Booster such as settings, not supporting the device and broadband becomes slow when you move away from the black spot.

Setting up a Wireless N adapter

This method gives you a complete guide on how to install and set up the Wireless N adapter.

First, use either a Dongle or Ethernet cable to connect to the internet. You would require a wireless network USB adaptor for this purpose.

Minimum System Requirements

There are certain minimum system requirements that need to be fulfilled before proceeding ahead. They are mentioned below:

  • A computer or laptop with an available USB 2.0 port
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 300MHz processor and at least 64MB of RAM
  • 802.11n or 802.11g access point or wireless router
How to install a Wireless N Adaptor
  1. At first plug the adaptor into the USB port of the system.
  2. On the opening of the new window, select Yes for this time only then hit Next. When asked, insert the CD in DVD RW port.
  3. Again you won’t need to go to the D-Link Screen. All you have to do is to allow Windows to install the drivers automatically. If this doesn’t go as planned, press Next on the Installation Wizard.
  4. At last, when you receive the message “Hardware been correctly installed”, select Finish to end this task.

My Sky Broadband services – Click here to discuss the issue of Broadband services such as Sky on-demand, wireless password, broadband usage, broadband speed, or more issues.

Managing my Sky Broadband account – If you cannot manage to the Sky broadband, switch to sky from another service provider or book your Home move with Sky easily.

I have a different problem – when you have any different issue which is not described above then either call on 03337592654 or contact to the customer care.

Methods list
1] Sky Go login problems
2] Several error messages you’re experiencing on Sky Go
3] Video or sound issues on Sky Go

That’s all!!

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