Fix UI Error 100002 3dc23bee811398e2 COD Black Ops Cold War Windows 10

Ways to solve Black Ops Cold War UI Error 100002 3dc23bee811398e2 (COD) in Windows 10, Playstation, or Xbox.

UI Error 100002

Duty Black Ops Cold War, the new roll out from COD is not different from the older releases as it presents some bugs and errors to the players. Some users report to encounter a pop up displaying UI error 100002 frequently. The error including a string appears during browsing menus and needs to dismiss each time manually. The message causes the game to freeze for a few seconds, but not crash or break the same.

Duty Black Ops Cold War UI Error 100002 3dc23bee811398e2 is nothing but a result of a bug in the game. The issue comes out when something goes wrong loading a menu on Windows 10 computer and console. This error code prompts mostly when browsing the menus in Zombies and Multiplayer modes. Furthermore, you may notice the message in the new Zombies mode when browsing the weapon class loadout options.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War UI Error 100002 3dc23bee811398e2

Here is how to fix Fix UI Error 100002 3dc23bee811398e2 Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War in Windows 10 or consoles –

1] For Windows 10 PC

  1. Close the game.
  2. Dismiss the launcher and open.
  3. Load the back up of the game and try playing.
  4. If UI Error 100002 still persistS restart your PC.

2] For Consoles

Xbox one

  1. Hold down the Xbox button located on the front of the console for 10 seconds. The controller will turn off.
  2. Now, turn the console back on by pressing the Xbox button.
  3. Try playing Black Ops Cold War.

For Playstation 5

  1. Hold the Power button down on your Sony PS5 5 until the device is turned off.
  2. Stay for a minute or two.
  3. Then turn on the console by pressing the Power button.

Clearing the PS5 cache may also help you to fix UI Error 100002 3dc23bee811398e2 Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War using the following steps. A user on the Activision forum has found this method useful.

  1. Completely power down your PS 5. Do not access Rest Mode.
  2. Let the lights on your PlayStation 5 to vanish.
  3. Detach the power cord from the back of the console.
  4. Leave the device as it is for one to two minutes.
  5. Insert the power cord back into your PS5 and turn it on.

See another solution – Fix Dev error 6036 Warzone in Windows 10 PC.

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