How to Fix Windows 10 Sleep Mode Not Working

In this write up we will focus on the solutions that will Fix Windows 10 Sleep Mode Not working. Users after upgrading their machine to the newest OS have observed a peculiar situation while putting their machines into the sleep mode. They witness though after sending the machine to sleep, only the screen gets turn off, but the power button is active.

Keeping this concerned in mind, we will recommend you two  things

1st. Go through the Device Manager and update your graphics card. If you need help you could navigate to Tips to Update Driver Software on Windows 10 Step by Step

2nd. make some changes in the advanced Power Options.

Both the ways are explained in more elucidate manners in the next half of the article. So, let us move ahead and see the steps to How to Fix Windows 10 Sleep Mode Not Working.

How to Fix Windows 10 Sleep Mode Not Working

1st. Through Device Manager

  • Carry out a right click on the Start Menu to extract Power user menu. From the arrived menu, specify Device Manager.
Device Manager under the Power user menu in Windows 10 Device Manager exhibits Display adapters in Windows 10 Pro
  • Now, implement a right-click on the choice Intel(R) HD Graphics Family and go along with the menu on the top written as Update Driver.
Update Driver Software of Intel Graphics Family under Display Adapters in Windows 10 Device Manager
  • In the separately arrived box, appoint a click on “Windows should automatically install the best driver“. 
Automatically execute a search for the driver update of Intel Graphics Family in Windows 10
  • The machine will cast around for the updates and the moment it is acquired, the same will be installed.
  • After the exercise is completed, restart your Windows 10 PC.
  • Check if issue persists!! If yes then follow the steps written underneath.

2nd. Through Power Options

  • Open Start Menu and start typing power plan. Choose a power plan will appear as the result on Cortana, click on it.
Windows 10 Sleep Mode Not Working Image
  • From the arrived window, focus on your plan and administer a tap on its Change plan settings link.
Change plan settings link of your select plan in Windows 10 Power Options
  • In the next emerged window, at the lowest point, two links are before eyes. On one of them which says Change advanced power settings Execute a click.
Change advanced power settings under Edit Plan Settings of Power Options in Windows 10
  • This above action will lead to the exposure of Power Option separate window.
  • Now, expand each option to see if the Sleep is allowed to be operated or not. For instance, after extracting the Multimedia settings section, two more segments are observable. Extract When sharing media segment.
Multimedia settings under Power Options to fix Windows 10 Sleep Mode Not Working
  • If Prevent idling to sleep is chosen for On battery and Plugged in, your Windows 10 Sleep Mode Not Working nuisance occurs. Yet, in order to make it operate flawlessly, the another option that says Allow computer to sleep requires to be chosen for both the cases.
Allow the computer to sleep under When sharing media in Windows 10
  • Hence, check out all the options and wherever found, allow the machine to sleep.
  • Don’t miss out to tap on Apply furthermore Ok buttons to implement the modifications.

Apart from the mentioned points, there are other causes for Windows 10 Sleep Mode Not Working issue like any program constantly running might force the machine to be awake or to think worse, there might be malicious attacks which need immediate treatment. If you hold more ways to be out from this trouble, share with us.

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  1. Charles Erickson jr


    second help worked in the list. thanks

  2. Welcome, Bazzu, Uninstall the Network Adapter’s driver and restart your System.

  3. I’m having problems with sleep mode right now..
    sometimes (not always) when I resume my HTPC from sleep network don’t work..I have to reboot or disable/enable network card…

    all drivers are up to date (network/graphics..)

  4. Check your screen saver settings. I was having problems with my monitor going into sleep mode after I bought a new computer and thought it was sleep mode problems on computer. Made sure power options for sleep were all never and still had problems. Reinstalled drivers also. Still a problem. It turned out the screen saver setting was set at 1 minute. We never adjusted the screen saver settings and I’m not sure if windows 10 defaults it to 1 minute automatically. Just something to check.

  5. i had the same probem on that win 10