Follow these ways and prevent car accident – 12 steps

12 Best way to prevent car Accident – Consciousness is very important, and consciousness while driving is of utmost importance. A man drives a vehicle to save time, not to injure others. However, as the number of vehicles on road is increasing, the accidents caused by them are also increasing. Accidents on roads can be devastating to life and property. So following points should never be forgotten.

1. Driver of the car must be able to take a single decision during driving. Mean is that maximum car accidents happen due to dual thing in mind as cross or not cross, overtake or not overtake, break or not break, etc. So in the period of driving you would be able to take a firm decision and follow it. Never be in confusion.

2. The driver should know the basics of riding and should always be experienced. The main cause of accidents is inexperienced drivers and beginners. The rider should also possess a license, which is usually given after passing a test.

4. The driver should always keep in mind that more his life, the life of the pedestrians are important. In foreign countries, there are strict laws that if any person injures due to accident then the driver should bear the treatment cost. If the person dies, the driver will look after his family, and if the person is paralyzed then the driver should look after the person his whole life. These laws should always be kept in mind while driving.
5. Rash driving is the main cause of accidents. Every area, every road has a designated speed limit, which should never be crossed. The gears must be shifted according to the requirements and the speed must be maintained. While in crowded places, very careful attention should be taken.
6. A driver while driving should be awake means he should never be intoxicated. Car accidents during night are due to intoxication. Liquor should never be consumed while driving. Strict laws need to be implemented for people driving under intoxication, which would be discouraged.
7. Mobiles should be forgotten while driving or if it is so urgent to attend the call then the car should be stopped on the roadside. Talking while on a mobile phone should always be discouraged. Similarly listening to songs while driving by inserting earphones should also is avoided.
8. While turning on roads or on crossings, indicators should be used properly. Ramming of one vehicle into other at turnings is due to inappropriate use of indicators. Honking of horns should also be done to alarm other vehicles. These small acts always avoid accidents.
9. The vehicles should always be properly maintained, and the parts should be checked whether they are in working condition. Thus, the vehicles should always be sent for servicing every four to five months for them to run smoothly. All the fluids should be maintained, and the engine should always work smoothly. Most of the accidents occur due to vehicles failure that is largely avoided.
10.  In-car distractions should always be avoided like testing, eating, changing the CD in the music player or tying a tie or applying makeup should be strictly avoided. Whole concentration must only be put on driving.
11. The driver should be in proper health condition. Eye checkups should be performed, and the mental health should also be maintained. Driving after medication should be avoided. Even driving while tensed should also be avoided as this would make a person incapable of taking quick decisions and may lead to accidents.
12. Proper decisions should be taken while driving. Eye must always be on traffic signals and a good distance should be maintained with other cars in traffic to avoid overcrowding. Moreover, outer distractions should also be avoided.

Thus, keeping these points in mind will never cause any accident and safe driving will always be ensured.

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