Force Background Tab – Manage new link and web page to focus on work

Force Background Tab is a new extension of Google Chrome which forces every new opening tab in the background. It simply lets you focus on the ongoing web page when you are willing to open a new tab too in connection with what are you doing. Whenever you are working on a topic and need to open a new one in this way that you could not forget the original topic, you simply have to use this new extension of chrome i.e. Force background Tab.


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This new extension of chrome allows you to open the new link in the background. Whenever you feel the need to see it, you can go back and see.

How do we get this Extension of Chrome:

You can search for it in the Chrome web store and install it in your chrome browser or you can directly click Force Background Tab. Here, you would be asked to add this app to your browser, just click on that and within seconds this feature would be added to your Google Chrome browser. After, it has been added a pic like the shown below appear in the right-uppermost corner.

Force Background Tab, Chrome

How to use Force Background Tab  Extension of Google Chrome

By default, this Extension is active in the chrome i.e. if you open any new page or link it would be forced to stay back in the background. If you want to disable this feature, you just have to click one time on it to disable this feature.

Force Background Tab, Chrome

When this Extension is enabled, a tick sign would be there as shown above in the screenshot. If the Extension is disabled, the tick sign is gone from there.

What are the features of this Extension:

  • It helps you in concentrating on the current page.
  • It comes free of cost.
  • It helps you in overcoming the frustration caused while working with multiple links.
  • It is a very simple and handy feature. Whenever you want, you can simply switch it off or on according to the need at hand.

Some of you might be thinking, why we need this Extension if we could use the wheel of mouse for that purpose. So, let me explain you some of the merits of it which are written below:

  1. This is a great thing for those who do a lot of works using laptops only as there is no such wheel of mouse.
  2. Again for those having mouse, it still seems complex work as it doesn’t work as smoothly as when it was brought down new.
  3. You don’t have to think of all these complications, you can simply use “ctrl” from the keyboard and the link. It makes you focused on your work even more.

These are the advantages. That’s it…

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