Freaks Windows 8 / 10 App – Play Lovely Memory Game

Freaks is a windows 8 app. This app is basically a memory based game i.e. it helps you in refreshing your memory and making it smarter in terms of looking out at stuffs and then remember that back soon in few minutes. Freaks is a very simple and easy to follow the game. This app is designed to keep you busy if you are feeling bored with your daily routine. Looking at pictures and then remembering them back is really a nice thing that tells you how smarter you are. This is indeed a great app, however, it suits the children the most. Adults could play the hard level of this level.

The interface of Freaks app is really cool and attractive. Designers have developed this app for children and expect that they would love it in the sense of remembering things. In short terms, it can be explained as matching of two puzzle games. A screenshot of this game has been shown below:

freaks windows 8 app

You can have Freaks app from windows 8 store or you could simply go to the link provided at the last of this article to have this app installed in your PC.

How to use and Play Freaks Windows 8 App

Once you have installed this beautiful app on your windows machine, run Freaks app from its icon present in the Metro User interface. On running this app, a window will pop up on your front screen like the image shown above. Here, you can decide the ease or difficulty with which you are going to play this game. Choosing the difficulty level and then pressing on it will open up a new screen where you will be shown a bunch of animals in the form of play cards.

All playing cards are imaginary wildlife characters painted on canvas – 100% handmade! These cute little creatures make a very enjoyable gameplay. Look carefully at these small lovely cards as you have to recognize them back in a few minutes. Playing in this game is a little bit easy and tricky too. All you have to do here in this game is to turn the face down cards one by one and remember them in their exact order of presentation. Now, once you have remembered them you have to match the two exactly looking cards, so that they could disappear from the screen. So, basically all you have to do is to remove the remembered card as soon as possible as this is a time based game. The fast you remember and match, you would win the match in least possible time and score the most.

There is no need of internet while playing Freaks game app. You can challenge yourself to beat your previous achievements in least possible time. Like, I said there are different difficulty levels in this game. These difficulty level are nothing but only the number of play cards would be increased. The harder the difficulty is, the maximum is the number of play cards. This is all what you need to know about Freaks gaming app.

Key Features of Freaks App

  1. More than 25 characters hand painted on canvas.
  2. Three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.
  3. Browse canvas paintings on Etsy.
  4. Freely available.
  5. Fantastic carved play cards.
  6. Very Smooth and uncluttered interface.


Freaks is indeed a good and nice app to try on your PC. While playing personally, I didn’t encounter any bugs or crashes. The gameplay of this game is fine. Children will find graphics and animals excellent. For people like us it is just a so-so type. Overall, this is a good app, and if you have children around in your house this is a good way to make them busy. Feel Free to comment in the box below.

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