Math Magic Windows 10, 8 App to Learn Basics Of Mathematics

Math Magic is a Windows 8 app designed for the purpose of helping the user developing the basic math concept. If you have ever had difficulty with the basic math operations or if you would like to teach kids in an interactive manner this app server the purpose. Math Magic app comes at a cost that can be seen on the downloading website. The app has been designed for users of all ages ranging from kids to old age specifically. The rewarding feature of Math Magic app with a game mode adaptation makes it more interesting.

The interface of Math Magic app is very user-friendly and intuitive. The handling of the app is quite simple, and it is easy to deal with it. All the functions are self-explanatory so that you don’t have to dig in deep to understand what is inside the app. The app can be downloaded from the Google Store and after installation, it can be launched via the app icon, and you are good to go. A snapshot of the main screen of the app is shown below to give a basic view.

magic math Windows 8 app

You can possess Math Magic app from the link provided at the end of this article.

How To Use Math Magic Windows 8 app

The theme of the app is a magic place where you enter as a character that can be wizard, princess, pirate, cowboy and others. The character can be created out of your own choosing. That being done you are directed to the menu where the information about the game play is given. It contains Chapters, Stats and Rewards section. Under the Chapters option you will see all the basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and mixed that you can choose to start with. The level of difficulty i.e. easy, medium and hard can be set before starting your task.

When you start solving the questions you get a reward on getting answers correct that you can use to unlock the other levels which make it interesting and provides the motivation to play more. Also, the time taken to solve a particular set of questions is given at the end of completion so that you can analyse your own performance and keep track of the improvement. The Stats are also maintained in the separate section where you can see the number of correct answers that you gave on each section with details. The game proceeds as you keep on unlocking the different levels according to the difficulty level and you are rewarded simultaneously. This is all you need to know before using Math Magic app.

Key features Of Math Magic App 

  1. Interactive and innovative way to learn math and improving analytical skills.
  2. Question generator that pops questions according to age of the user.
  3. Reward on answering all the questions correctly.
  4. Statistics and track record for performance analysis.
  5. Completely Free app
  6. Simple and very easy to use interface
  7. No promotion of ads here


Math is a challenging subject and people generally lose their interest when they can’t get hold of it. If you fall under this category this app can help you develop the concepts in an efficient way. Math Magic app is best suited for kids who are outside school or those who want to make learning more interactive and fun. It can give kids an extra advantage by helping them understand math and apply it. Overall, Math Magic is a good app to have on your PC.

Downloading Link: Math Magic

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