AllRecipes Windows 8 / 10 App to Get Fresh and Top Recipe Ideas

AllRecipes is a Windows 8 app that users can use to find the recipes from a large database. For a foodie who likes to try hands-on new blends, this app provides them with all the known recipes and the ideas for the new ones to serve them better. The app is free of cost and does not consume much space on your device. It is relatively a new kind of app and is gaining popularity among amateur cooks.

When you look at the interface you get a first-hand experience of a simply designed app with basic functions of browsing and opening the main title with saving and sharing options. Having said that the interface is equally intuitive and user-friendly and much simpler to use for those who are aware of the basic functionality of their device. You can download AllRecipes app from Windows store and get it installed on tour device. Upon launching the app via the icon you will be taken to the home screen of the app (a snapshot is displayed below).

All Receipies Windows 8 app


A link has been provided at the last of this article to get the access to AllRecipes app.

How To Use AllRecipes  Windows 8 App

As you can see in the above screenshot the main screen displays two important sections of the recipes namely ideas and ingredients. These sections contain all the recipes but in a large number so that you might have to use filters to narrow it down to the ones that you prefer. The recipes are present for all kind of users be they veg, non-veg, or diabetic. You can search through the sections to find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts.

You can also search for the recipes using filters for the ingredients that you want. For that, you just have to add the ingredients in the filter and not add those which you don’t want in the recipes. Once you have opened a particular recipe you will see all the details about it on a separate screen. On the left hand side the nutrition values are depicted and juxtaposition to it the reviews are also given. All the steps in the procedure are also provided. Apart from this, there is a section of My Recipe where you can add the recipes that you like to try in the future or the ones which are your favorite. In short the overall process is to browse, see, and then save or share it using the appropriate options.

Key Features Of AllRecipes App

  1. New and innovative recipes with top rating every day.
  2. Large number of recipes from all sections.
  3. Valuable information for all the recipes provided.
  4. Filter search to make browsing more effective.
  5. Save, search and pin the recipes for reference.
  6. Completely free app with very simple and easy to use interface

My Verdict

It is a very nice app for those who want to explore new ideas and trends in the food area. AllRecipes categorically provides a large number of recipes thus making it easier and simple for the user to browse through them. It is also useful for those who like to cook occasionally. Please do comment in the box below your views on this topic.

Downloading Link: AllRecipes 

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