Gears of War – Mad World Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Gears of War – Mad World Windows 10 Theme is available now in Microsoft Store with 20 high resolution images. Feel the never-ending thrill of this war game even when it’s over in the desktop. Mad World has taken the gaming stuff to a whole new level in terms of background score, super emotional story line and amazing graphics. So, decorate your desktop now with the wallpapers from this video game and bring back the nostalgia of 2006.

Gears of War Windows 10 Theme is a handy and lightweight theme. It will occupy only 16.43 MB of total Hard Disk space which is quite small. The application has an age restriction of 12 years being little violent as taken from War field. Good news is, you can download this to a minimum of ten Windows 10 devices once signed in with same Microsoft account. You can download and apply this to your PC using below instructions –

Gears of War – Mad World Windows 10 Theme

Here is how to download, install and set Gears of War – Mad World Windows 10 Theme –

Step-1: Perform a click on Microsoft Store icon located at the Start menu.

Step-2: When the app opens, type “Gears of War – Mad World” in the search box.

Step-3: Press Enter to have the Theme page with details.

Step-4: Click on Get button to initiate Downloading.

Gears of War - Mad World Windows 10 Theme

Step-5: When it is Downloaded and installed eventually, choose Apply.

Step-6: System will guide you to the Theme settings page by default.

Step-7: Lastly, do a click on this app listed to adorn the desktop with images contained in theme.

Another way, you can launch Web browser in Windows and visit this link to Gears of War – Mad World Windows 10 Theme. Once the page comes in, hit ‘Get’ button located here to open the Theme page straight from Microsoft Store App section.

System Requirements for the Theme

Your device must comply with the following system requirements in order to download and apply this app to Desktop –

  • Operating System in use must be Windows 10 version 14951.0 or higher to launch and apply this app.
  • Minimum Architecture demand is x86, x64, ARM, ARM64.
  • The device, where you are going to install the Application, must support English (United States) language.

That’s all!!!

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