How to get back the missing features in Windows 8

Windows 8 has seen a host of new features and changes and this also includes many removals which range from the most frequently used Start menu and DVD playback — to the useful but very less frequently used, like Windows Media Center. Other features, like the Windows Briefcase which people have completely stopped using have also been removed. This is not a great concern or a big deal for many, but this might pain you if you have been using them. Microsoft is trying very hard to make Windows 8 a locked down mobile Operating system but, still all the features which have been removed can still be added. High-quality alternatives can be used which will usually restore all the features. This article explains how:

Start Menu, Unified Search & Boot to Desktop

The big change which many took positively and made many sad is the removal of the Start button and the traditional start menu which has been replaced by a sort of full screen Start menu. Even booting directly to the desktop in Windows 8 is also not possible. And the unified search has also now become unusable. There are many third party applications which can be used to return these features to windows 8.

DVD Playback

DVD’s out of the box can now not be played on Windows 8. But this becomes possible only when the purchase is made of the Windows 8 Pro Pack and then the Media Center Pack which on a total costs about 100 $. But, when you are going for a new computer that also has a DVD drive, then it will have the licensed DVD playback software which can be used to playback the DVDs without making any downloads.

Windows Media Centre

 This had been a feature that everyone loved and still very popular and frequently used. If you want it back on windows 8, then you have to make an up-gradation to Windows 8 professional and make a purchase of the Media centre pack which at a total would cost around 100$.

Solitaire, Minesweeper & Other games

These games have remained a delight for many and still are, but they found their removal from windows 8. The modern versions of the minesweeper and the solitaire can be installed from Windows 8 app store. The desktop versions can also be downloaded with a little more effort.

Windows Desktop Gadgets

These are very helpful utilities but have seen their absence in Windows 8. The desktop gadget support can be easily installed in windows 8. But they are insecure as the other desktop programs.

Parental controls

This feature has not permanently been removed but has been modified very well into the Microsoft Family Safety, which is usually integrated with the Microsoft accounts. There are many new features and the controls added.

So, these are some of the ways in which you can get the feel of Windows 7 in Windows 8.

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