How To Get Free Windows 10 After 29th of July 2016

How To Get Free Windows 10 After 29th of July 2016 – After the termination of the free accessibility of Windows 10 after the boundary of 29th of July users are in Jugaad to again regain without spending a penny. Though the specifications necessary for the free of price upgrade of the operating system Windows 10 is not intentionally or unintentionally mentioned subsequent to the stipulated deadline. It is however duly observed that those users with assistive technologies have a firmer end towards initiating their free upgradation for the same.

Finally, the ice is broken with Microsoft unveiling its new Windows 10 Upgrade website for the corresponding customers and clients equipped with assistive technologies in their system.

Here is what was mentioned specifically.

For the general public, the free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ends on Jul 29. However, if you use assistive technologies, you can still get the free upgrade offer even after the public deadline expire as Microsoft continues our efforts to improve the Windows 10 experience for people who use these technologies.

Pursue the steps to Get Free Windows 10 After 29th of July 2016 –

How to Get Free Windows 10 After 29th of July 2016

Step 1–  Launch your favorable browser.

Step 2 – Type in the corresponding webpage of Microsoft.

Step 3 – Click on Upgrade now to initiate the process.

How To Get Free Windows 10 After 29th of July 2016

Note: This offer has been exclusively open to all who also require the use of assistive technologies.

Step 4 – The system downloads an executable file.

Step 5 – Run the file to initiate the upgrade.

In the event of the extension of the availability of the free upgrade, Microsoft has also cleared the air by informing the masses that the extension offer is available to all irrespective of the availability of assistive technologies within the system. This implies that every user now has access to the free upgrade option. However, one is required to confirm whether there is incorporation of assistive technologies for the same, during the upgrade process.

There is still no news on the availability of date up to which the extension offer lasts. It is however suggested that the company may withhold the offer at any particular date, the same which has been confirmed accordingly, stating that the end date of the given offer shall be publicly announced before the stipulated action.

It is a delightful moment for all those individuals who have not yet upgraded to Windows 10 and furthermore do not occupy the required assistive technologies on the corresponding systems. Conclusively, every user can now set movement on foot to Get Free Windows 10 After 29th of July until the extension offer is kept legitimate by Microsoft.

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