How to Get Rid of Drop Shadows Effect on Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10  you must have experienced quite new features of it. Well, to be frank when the final operating system will be launched you are definitely going to face many more optic changes. Today we will deal with one of the visual features of Windows 10 in our discussion. You must have noticed a drop shadow effect for desktop applications in use. Suppose you are working on Word Document and at the same time, you have opened a calculator application.

When the calculator application is opened you will find a shadow of the application on your Word Document. The shadow is quite huge and extensively dark in shade and many times disturbs the work. In case you are being disturbed by shadow effect of the desktop applications than you can  Get Rid of the effect. Our today’s article will share you the process to Get Rid of Drop Shadows Effect on Windows 10.

Another Windows 10 tips:

calculator with shadow effect

Get Rid of Drop Shadows Effect on Windows 10

system link on all control panel items
  • Upon the emergence of System on the screen, ensure to execute a hit on the link on the fourth position downward from the top which writes Advanced system settings in the right sidebar.
advance system settings link
  • A System Properties window will appear on the screen.
  • Go to the Advanced and select Settings link under the Performance section.
system properties window
  • On the Performance option applet, at first, check the radio box against Custom. Now you observe a bunch of choices present in a box. Look for the choice Show shadows under window and uncheck it.
performance option window to Get Rid of Drop Shadows Effect on Windows 10
  • To save your changes click on Apply succeeded by Ok.
  • Now you will Get Rid of Drop Shadows Effect on Windows 10.
calculator without shadow effect
  • In the future, if you want to get back the shadow effect then check the option Show shadows under windows.

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