Disable Unwanted Startup Programs on Windows 10 for Faster Boot

There are certain programs which run in the background whenever you boot up your system. Although they are not pinned on the Taskbar (some can find their place in System Tray of Notification Area). The programs that run whenever you boot your system are termed as Startup Programs. The main pitfall with the Startup Programs is that they unnecessarily distract the system from booting properly. And due to this system gets slow during startup and after pressing the start button on your device you have to wait. wait and wait. So, today in Windows 10 tips, we would like to share a small secret applying which you will be proficient to disable the unwanted Startup Programs from your Windows 10 system for faster Boot.

Well, we will share two tips – first, through Task Manager and second via System Configuration. Read both the methods and apply anyone as per our convenience.

Disable Unwanted Startup Programs on Windows 10

Task Manager

  • Right click on the Power Menu and select Task Manager.
task manager menu
  • This will bring Task Manager window on your screen.
  • Now, go to Startup tab.
startup tab on task manager
  • Here, you will view the list of Startup Programs.
  • Look for the programs that you want to disable.
  • Right clicking  the program will launch a context menu where you have to select Disable.
Disable Unwanted Startup Programs on Windows 10
  • That’s so simple, isn’t it!

System Configuration

  • Bring the Run command on the screen by simultaneously pressing Windows and R keys on your keyboard.
  • Write the command msconfig on the provided command area.
msconfig command Run dialog box
  • Press Ok to continue.
  • You are into the System Configuration windows now.
  • Open up the Startup.
  • Under that specific tab, you find a link labeled as Open Task Manager, click on it.
System Configuration Startup tab Open Task Manager
  • It will straightaway launch the Task Manager with a focus on Startup tab where various programs are noticeable.
  • Simply locate and right-click the program which you want to disable. From the list of few options on the context menu, choose Disable.
Right click Startup program Disable option
  • System Configuration might ask you to restart your system to bring the effects.
  • Click Restart.

Turning off Startup programs will certainly reduce the booting time of Windows 10 system.

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