Google Glass Latest Update – Google tells Developers to Build more apps on Android SDK

GLASS is the symbol given for the Google Glass. GLASS is a kind of a wearable computer which can be adjusted on your eyes along with an optical head mounted display (OHMD) which has also been developed by Google in its Project Glass research and development. The aim of of this project was to create a mass production of an advanced computing concept where computing is made to appear everywhere and anywhere.

Google Glass contains the basic information about the hands-free format in any smartphone. This information can be further used on the internet with the help of some sorts of natural languages developed. Voice commands are generally used for this purpose.  For its latest and innovative new Glassware showcasing a prospect of having a glassy experience, Google has started stimulating developers to think new ideas for making apps which can be developed using the Android Software Development kit that is currently available in the market. Although all the necessary tools required to make apps has not been provided but it encourages them to invent new ideas for their apps before its advent. Right now, developers working on apps for the upcoming smart glasses have to use a relatively limited web-based service to test their apps.

What does that mean for non-developer

According to the Glass developer relation Team, Google announced its plan for the GDK in I/O conference July this year that will allow developers to build software for Google glass in the form of APKs (Application Package files). “We’re still hard at work on the GDK, but in the meantime, you can start designing and developing your awesome ideas with the existing Android SDK,” suggests the post. So it’s hard to say as it is yet a long way. So,Google encourages Developers to build more Apps on Android SDK before GDK arrives.

The blog also states that the SDK has been nourished with the accelerometer feature .With this Google has combined a package of sample apps featuring stopwatch, compass and level and it also plans to add few more in the later phase of development.  The GDR team blog post promises to release the samples to demonstrate the technique used for the migration path between the traditional Android app and the Full Glass Experience. It also said that developers’ backgrounds in using Android will allow them to get “a long way” in building apps for Glass.

Will there be move on app development soon

Meanwhile a number of companies and developers have released third party soft Glass app either through working with Google ahead of the GDK launch or by using its Google Mirror API for web based glassware. Social networking websites Facebook, twitter, tumblr and path have already started on disclosing their applications for this kit. CNN and Elle also revealed the first look of their app in the I/O conference. The New York Times’app has also given some updates on their work to the owners. To give a glimpse of practical application E-Commerce service Fancy has created apps for taking the pictures while you are at your surroundings .It has also developed some apps that provides assistance in matching the products.

But some speculate that it is too early to be working on developing these apps on glass owing to the grand ambitions. “We believe that wearables are the next frontier in consumer technology and we’re hard at work building the Evernote for our wearable technology future,” as that company’s vice president of marketing Andrew Sinkov put it in a blog post. Stained Glass Labs has exhibited various apps that have been developed by startups and independent developer. Some of the highlights were Fullscreen BEAM, Glassagram with photo-filtering and some banned notorious apps like Google porn and  Google Tits.

Regulation on Policies

Google’s Glass Platform Developer Policies for the Mirror API hint at its likeliness to make policies regarding native apps for its eyewear once it is launched. It includes rules on usage of people’s personal data, banning content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material, hate speech, impersonation, deceptive behavior and many more.

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