Set up Fallout PipBoy UCCW – Awesome Gamer theme on Android Device

Fallout PipBoy UCCW is a fantastic and Wonderful UCCW theme for android device. This app is based on Fallout PipBoy UI. It works very well and saves a lot of time and any Fallout fan would definitely want to have this one. This is a very lovable and awesome theme. It’s installation takes a bit of playing around to make it all set up, however, this theme totally worth this. The interface of this App is amazing and customizable. There has been a lot of efforts being done in the development of this theme to make this theme look neat and clean. It provides amazing support.

How to set up Fallout PipBoy UCCW App in your Android device

Before the installation of this App onto your android device, you need some stuff that is required for this app to work.

  1. Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW)
  2. Nova Launcher/Apex Launcher/Launcher Pro.

At first, all you have to do is enable Untrusted Sources in the Security settings of your device to ensure that the skin gets installed. It can be disabled once the installation is complete. After then you have to remove everything from your home screen so that the widgets can be easily placed.

Press Menu and go to Nova settings to apply the following under Desktop:

  1. Set Desktop Grid to 12 Rows by 7 Columns.
  2. Set Width Margin to None.
  3. Set Height Margin to None.
  4. Set Persistent Search Bar to Never.
  5. Uncheck Label Icons.
  6. Check Resize all widgets.
  7. In Advanced check both Widget Overlap and Overlap when placing.
Fallout PipBoy UCCW theme

When you are done with all the settings provided above, just uncheck Enable Dock under the Dock settings. Now press and hold anywhere on your home screen and select “UCCW” and the next list will have the Fallout UCCW skins. Since this is a paid app there are more widgets in the Ultimate edition.

Now you have to select the Fallout-Bottom widget and then drag it to the bottom. Also drag the corners to be 7 wide by 3 tall to fit it perfectly on the bottom. If you have the paid version you can select other skins and repeat the same steps to get it on your home screen.

Again, you can set whatever wallpaper you would like. At last, you have to make certain other settings under UCCW which are described below:

  1. Weather Provider to Yahoo.
  2. Location to Auto Location. (Or you can set it manually if your GPS does not work and you are having trouble setting your location)
  3. Update Interval to 15 minutes. (Weather can be refreshed anytime by pressing on “DATA” in the top left corner of your screen)
  4. Uncheck Degree Symbol.
  5. Turn Force widget update on if you’re getting problems with the time not refreshing quick enough.


  1. At first, just try the free version to check whether this App is compatible to your device or not.
  2. The paid version of this app is totally better. It consists of a large skin and the assembly is required here. Installation is not much difficult and application is easier. There are more widgets and more colors are available.

Key-Features of this App

  • It is a paid as well as a Completely free App.
  • The Interface of this App is very customizable. 
  • Working inside this app is very simple and its handling is very easy.


Fallout PipBoy UCCW  is really a very nice App. Setting up it is a little complex before its installation however it is easily available. Once you have installed this App there are no more complexities. There are some Android devices which do support either this completely or just the formatting part. But if your device support it, it is a must try App. You can have the access to this App from the link provided below:

Downloading link: Fallout PipBoy UCCW

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