Google launches Global Science Fair 2013 for Students

Google invites students around the world to present innovative ideas in Global Science Fair 2013. The Global Science Fair initiative is something about picking next generation scientist and engineers. Students across the world, ageing between  13-18 years, will participate in online science competition to put their ideas to eradicate most challenging these days problems.

Global Science Fair 2013 is to be organised by Google with cooperation of CERN, National Geographic, the LEGO Group. Indeed, Science Fair is a huge opportunity for students to show their imagination. In earlier Global Science Fair competition, thousands of students from more than 90 countries had participated and submitted their research.  Hoping spectrum of  participation will extend further this year and inspire young people to be part of scientific exploration.

As far as Global Science Fair participation concerns, students between 13-18 age group can participate and submit their research entries up to 30th April 2013. Students can submit their research either of following languages as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Polish, Chinese, Arabic and Brazilian.

Google will pick 90 best regional finalist (30 each from Asia, Americas and Europe / Middle East  / Africa) by June 2013. Then judging their capability 15 finalist will be selected for the final event that will organize on 23rd September 2013. By August 2013 you will be able to know about 15 finalist Global Science Fair events. The winner will get $50,000 scholarship from Google and many others from partnering firms.

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  1. Hi Sashi…
    All students are liable to participate in Google sponsored ‘Global Science Fair 2013’ if they attained 13-18 years of age. As far as procedure of applying concern, you need to access below web link.

  2. could you please provide the other details such as what is the exact requirements for participation apart from age and how to apply