Why to buy an iPad, Reasons that make it Suitable

Why to own an iPad – Owning an iPad has now become a status symbol. It has become a fashion and why not, it has proved its worth in the commercial market. Two years since its inception, iPad has seen various makeovers and has always been becoming better proving itself to be the best. The size being bigger than a mobile and smaller than a laptop has made it the most portable and suitable gadget. More people started using iPad as a replacement to their laptops. This article is the compilation of what are the best features of this gadget:

  1. Battery backup: The device itself comes with an 18 feet long cord which juices it up. Having multi use capability iPad can run non stop for 10 hours on a single charge which usually includes the common features such as Wi-Fi, web surfing, watching videos, listening to music and others. It can also be charged via a laptop or a desktop using a USB.
  2. Convenience of use: The shape design and most importantly, the weight which is 1.44 pounds is in itself a big feature to prove its portability. It can be fitted anywhere including a purse, satchel, briefcase, handbag and can be carried very easily. It can also be used anywhere where using a laptop would be a bit funny.
  3. The age factor: Apple designs its devices thinking of the tech savvy and never of their ages. The iPad can be used by anyone including children, adults and even the elderly. It is a user-friendly device and helping children to get a better view on the large screen and the elderly even better by zooming in.
  4. A device for better interaction: The large screen makes its use more diverse which gives the best experience when playing games and watching movies. The pictures appear bright and vivid. Netflix gives the best experience of watching live TV and movies on iPad. The web surfing has no words to describe and it is the best device for those students aiming to use it for educational purposes.
  5. Multi app user: Multitasking had never been easier than with this device. The option to scroll through all the open apps is available without having to close one app to open the other. The stress over the fingers is much reduced as when you are on Twitter and want to check the notifications on Facebook, simply swiping the screen till Facebook appears is required.
  6. A worth buy: though a price tag of 300 to 600 dollars seems a quite high but, it is much cheaper than 2000 dollars at which Apple sells its laptops. The iPad can do almost everything that the laptop can do and at this price tag, it is a worth buy.
  7. Awesome camera: The camera is an awesome one which records HD videos and takes real life pictures. The photo editing app also comes very handy to create those amazing effect.

Thus, you might think that I am writing this review years after its release and after 100’s of articles have been written. But true to say, that this device is one of its kind. It is the best device Apple gave to the world. Join the discussion forum by logging in.

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