How to Play Google Maps Smarty Pins Online Game

Google Maps Smarty Pins is an online gaming application by Trivia that tests your knowledge on the maps. You have to open the main webpage to start your play. You are asked questions based on various aspects like Science & Geography, Arts & Culture, Sports & Games, Entertainment and History & Current Events. The game is very interesting and knowledge-based. All the questions will be location-based which means you will be thrown challenges on the above mentioned aspects and their answers are the places. You have to drop a red pin on the correct location (which is your answer to the question).

At the start of the game, you will get awarded with certain kilometers which act as points for you. Correct answers will save your kilometer points. But if you give wrong answers then your kilometer points will be deducted. For every wrong answer, the map will display a green pin on the map which is the correct answer for the question asked. Now the distance between the right answer and wrong answer will be the kilometer points that you will lose.


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How to Play Google Maps Smarty Pins Game

  • Click on the below link to go to the main webpage of the application.
  • Click “Select Category” to choose your question category.
How to Play Google Maps Smarty Pins Online Game
  • Choose your desired category.
How to Play Google Maps Smarty Pins Online Game
  • You will be taken to the main page of the app.
  • Click on “Start a New Game” will throw questions randomly on any of the aspects.
  • Now the question will be popped on the left side of the page. There you can see the question, the kilometer points awarded to you which reads as “Km Remaining” and the “Bonus” points.
How to Play Google Maps Smarty Pins Online Game
  • Your Bonus points start reducing automatically. When it reaches zero, you will be provided with a hint.
How to Play Google Maps Smarty Pins Online Game
  • You will gain bonus kilometers if you answer it quickly. And if you give the wrong answer then you will lose the kilometer points.
  • If you are not sure about the answer you can take a hint.
How to Play Google Maps Smarty Pins Online Game
  •  Drop your pin on the map which you thinks is the answer for the question and click on Submit Answer
How to Play Google Maps Smarty Pins Online Game
  • If you hit the correct location then you saved your kilometers points.
  • But when your answer is wrong, you can see a green colored pin highlighting the correct answer. You will be shown the distance between the correct answer and the wrong answer and you will lose those many kilometer points.
  • Your game is over when your kilometer points come to zero.

Google Maps Smarty Pins Features

  1. It’s an online application.
  2. It works on a webpage.
  3. Questions are based on various aspects.
  4. Select the Category of your own choice.
  5. Hints provided.
  6. Gain bonus points if answered within the first 15 seconds of the game.
  7. Zoom in and zoom out the map.


Google Maps Smarty Pins is one of the best online games. The game increases your general knowledge and makes you aware of many important things. Explore new questions and answers and learn many new things that you never heard before. Go the webpage and check your general knowledge in your desired areas or in all areas.

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