FlowDoku Windows 8 / 10 App – Play Sudoku like Mind-blowing Puzzle

FlowDoku is a Windows 8 games app to fill the Sudoku grid with shape tiles. This is a mind-blowing puzzle you will like. The game follows the same rule as the Sudoku. You need to play with the shapes, not with the numbers. All that you have to keep in mind is that each row, column, and box should contain every shape in it. While filling the gaps with shapes you have to remember that you need to create a flow among the shapes. The game has a combination of filling the grids with shapes and creating a flow among the shapes. As FlowDoku game features two main elements of the two famous puzzle games, so it has been named as FlowDoku.

The game provides you four different sizes of boards to choose from. The bigger size you choose; the more difficult game you have to face. Now, the coolest part of the game is that in every board size you will be able to see the flow of the shapes just below the grid. For example, the 8*8 board has squares, triangles and circles in it. You need to chain three squares, two triangles whereas the circles need not to be chained. Now, you have to fill the blank spaces with the shapes such that every row, column, and box has all the shapes provided for the particular game. The app also provides you the facility to track your performance. See the statistics and improve your solving the puzzle ability.


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How to Play FlowDoku Game on Windows 8

  • Install the app from the link provided below or own it from the games/puzzles category of the Windows Store.
  • When the app is successfully installed, you can see the menu page. The page displays three headings – Play, Info, and Settings.
FlowDoku Windows 8 App - Play Sudoku like Mind-blowing Puzzle
  • Select “Play”.
  • Now the screen exhibits you four different board sizes – 6*6, 8*8, 9*9, and 12*12. The difficulty increases with the increase in the number of grids.
  • Select any board as per your choice.
FlowDoku Windows 8 App - Play Sudoku like Mind-blowing Puzzle
  • Choose the level of difficulty as per your ability.
FlowDoku Windows 8 App - Play Sudoku like Mind-blowing Puzzle
  • After selecting the level of difficulty, select the puzzle from the same level.
FlowDoku Windows 8 App - Play Sudoku like Mind-blowing Puzzle
  • Once you select the puzzle, you will see a board with grids on it.
FlowDoku Windows 8 App - Play Sudoku like Mind-blowing Puzzle
  • Here you can see some slots are left empty and some are filled with some colored shapes.
  • The shapes and their pattern are shown below the grid.
FlowDoku Windows 8 App - Play Sudoku like Mind-blowing Puzzle
  • Fill the empty slots with the shapes and make flow from it.
  • Click once on the empty slot to fill it with the square, click twice for the triangle and thrice for the circle.
  • While filling the empty spots make sure that you follow the two main protocols of the game.
  • Each row, column, and box must have the shapes that are shown below the grid of every puzzle.
  • Place the alike shapes next to each other in the box so that they make the flow as shown below the puzzle.
  • Fill all the empty slots with the correct shapes and make a flow.

FlowDoku App options

  1. Timer – A timer runs on top of the screen when you play.
  2. Pause – Click pause to pause the game. When you do that you will be displayed a few more options. There you can take hint if you think you are stuck, resume the game, reset the game, or go the main menu.
  3. Undo – Undo your last step.

FlowDoku Windows 8 App Design

FlowDoku supplies colorful shapes like squares, triangles, circles, and diamonds. The interface of the app is very easy and handy to use. The app provides polished, colorful, and attractive sound effects.

FlowDoku Windows 8 App Features 

  1. The app is not chargeable.
  2. Four different board sizes which range from easy to the difficulty level.
  3. More than 200 puzzles are there.
  4. Colorful shapes to play with.
  5. No tension of numbers and alphabets.
  6. Every move is saved so that you can resume it later on.
  7. Track your time limit.


FlowDoku is amongst my favorite Windows 8 apps as it doesn’t include any numbers or alphabets to calculate or make any new word. The smooth interface of the app attracts me more to solve the puzzles. I am sure all the Sudoku and Flow lovers will hit the app and improve their skills. So download the app and enjoy the combination of two prominent games of lifetime.

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