Google Punishment for Websites to Lose Ranking for Piracy

Google to reduce pirate sites in search results 


Google team is ready to give punishment of  its search results related illegal usage by pirate websites. Offender who trying to reduce the importance of particular websites through duplicate copyright and make it easier to search legal sources. So Google has joined with different organization like motion picture Association America to stop such foreign websites that support piracy of contents.

It is changing in search formula to provide top facility to legal content and drop ranking of websites with piracy objection.

In end of August 2012, Google will launch legal copyright deletion notice to down rank its from search results. Google normally determines ranking of websites according to depends on how many other sites have linked from this websites. An idea has found that that websites have more links, is recognized most reliable and valuable.

In this situation those websites are found in most piracy cases  and in copyright removal stages, may be decreased in ranking lists shortly. It will help users find legal basis  of content without deleting any webpages from its results. Google has announced that the search links will not delete sites from search results completely but also put it in lower listing panel.

Now Google has decided to make icy relationship with content creators.

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