Google Trends and Insight Search merged to make a powerful Search Tool

Millions of people from different factions as Science & Technology, Business, Research, Health, Publication etc are been die hard follower of Google Trends and Google Insights for Search. As an individual you also be used  Google Trends to keep up Online Trending Interests.

While professionals of Publication, Business and Researchers are using Insights for Search to compare popularity of search terms. Certainly both Google Trends and Insights for Search are categorically different to each other, but both are quite effective tools to read out mind set of worldwide internet user.

Nowadays, to provide breakout searches Google has made remarkable improvements. An updated Hot searches list has come out to provide richer context for instant searches. Apart of it, both Google Trends and Google Insight for Search to be merged to become The New Google Trends with immediate effects. Means no more existence of Google Insights for Search will remain.

The New Google Trends  brings clean new interface to give you clear view of what’s on the world’s mind. It also includes features from both products, which makes it easier and more understandable. In New Google Trends ‘HTML5 based Google Chart Tools’ is used to update line chart, and map to display graphical representation of searching trends.

The new features allow to load it’s page on your mobile devices to visualize the results later on. List of hot searches not only shows results of USA, but also from India, Japan and Singapore. It is needless to say Google Trends data might be used to understand global trends above all making prediction.

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