What is Google Webhp and How to Remove it

What is Google.com/webhp? – Google.com/webhp (Google co webhp) is type of redirect virus which affects the settings of the browser and redirects us to other websites. If you want to search something in Google search it takes us to some harmful pages rather than the normal one. Not only this, it also installs spyware, malware and other viruses without seeking our assent. Sometimes we can never find the page foe what we are looking for. It has to be fixed as fast as possible when one gets notified about it.

Symptoms of  Google.com/webhp (Google co webhp)

  1. Its gets installed without our permission.
  2. It  takes us towards the pages which are not directed by us.
  3. It sometimes can change our browser.
  4. It is dangerous for our privacy and settings.
  5. It is very difficult to remove or rather uninstall it.

What to do when Google co web hp is found?

  • Close all Google Program running on your PC,
  • Scan your PC,
  • Close Google Chrome, Firefox, opera and other browsers,
  • Get original version of all Program,
  • Power of PC.
google webhp

Tips for How to remove or fix Google.com/webhp

  1. Start safe mode of the PC by restarting and then pressing f8.
  2. Start task manager by pressing Alt+cltr+del and put an end to the process of google.com webhp.
  3. Remove the associated files from the local disk which keeps on creating itself.
  4. Remove the registry entry of google.com webhp from the Registry editor.

The steps given above should be done only by the experts as the process is very unsafe and even hard to do. It should be handled by advanced PC users as by removing files or editing the registry holders might  break down the system. To the best one should consult PC experts for the removal.

See video for registry editing:

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