How to handle Google accounts after Death

Sometime we often wonder that what would happen to our accounts in Google after our death and all that, Google has now came up with the issue for handling it. Yet a number of questions have been raised about its procedure to use and some still confirms that the solution is still not simple for widely accepting the solution. However, Google has derived solutions which can handle our accounts after our sudden passing or demise. The act of Google has made its users a bit secured about their accounts are being misused in their absence.
Google new Gmail update is known as Inactive account manager, which allows its users to use certain actions, which will help to deal with the accounts in our absence over certain period of time. After a period of three , six , nine and one year of inactivity , the user can set, owing to which his account will end itself and send notifications to other accounts related to it.
Other online services of Google like Blogger, Google+, Picasa and Google voice are also entitled under this new activity of Google.

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